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There is a timeless proverb in the fashion world that ‘Fashion fades, Style is eternal’. Fashion comes and goes or seems to keep repeating itself in a loop. But your own individual style never goes out of ‘style’ because it is inherent to your own self. Dressing up good not only depicts your personality and represents your own take on style but it can make you feel confident and put together. You can convey your personal values, interests, moods, culture, career aspirations and weather via your clothes. Summer usually calls for light and airy outfits whereas it is essential in winter to wear warm clothes.

Street style = Winter style

Winter outfits are fun to carry as it allows you to express your own individual street style. The street style allows you to branch out from current fashion trends and you can experiment in terms of your aesthetic. When your attire isn’t restricted to a bunch of trends like tie-dye, color blocking or insta famous things, magic happens. Since style is inherent to your personality and it is integral to communicate how you feel and who you are without verbal words. You can depict your own personalized street style to indicate who you are as a person with a divergent array of raiment. Trends that will set you apart and a classic timelessness that will compel people to remember you. Whatever floats your boat; wear that and be merry! But here is some fashion advice to help you out this winter!

Add fusion elements to your attire for distinctive appeal

This year winter wear for women is urbanized with a tinge of indigenous elements. You can wear classic winter attire but pair them up with traditional hints. The sky’s the limit when it comes to this styling hack. You can be closer to your roots as you want but still, incorporate some international fads in your outfit. For example, you can accessorize your women’s winter coats in camel color with some afghani jewelry like oxidized jhumkas or coin necklaces to make the perfect fusion of east and west.

With the ongoing trend of globalization exchange of fashion brands have introduced the duality of aesthetics encompassing both eastern and western elements. A good example of this is short Kurtis available nowadays. By bringing this modernity to the designs, winter dresses appeal to a comparatively larger audience as compared to its competitors.

Power dressing for empowerment!

It is rightly said so, dress for the job you want, not the job you have.  A multitude of women is donning professional office attire to look more classy and polished. Women’s winter coats & jackets, Shoulder padded blazers, cigarette pants, and two-piece pant-suits are all the rage. Power dressing using these items undoubtedly makes you feel empowered like anything is achievable and doable. With more demand for such pieces in the market, domestic designers have started making these nationally to cater to the market here. Some even offer export quality designs that are equivalent to big-name brands in terms of design and quality.

Sweaters are always in vogue

Sweaters for women are a winter staple owing to the extreme temperature drop in many parts of Pakistan. You can wear it any way you like. There’s literally no way you could wear a sweater wrong! Wear it over eastern or western attire and boom! You’re covered (pun intended) for the day. You can get a classic oxford style sweater, cardigans, crewneck, mock neck, turtleneck, pullover, Fair Isle, cable knit, and zippered ones. Wear ladie’s winter coats over it for uber cozy feeling.

The matching separates trend

Another trend that’s big this year in winter clothes for women is matching separates. These are usually worn in solids colors. The color can be anything on the color wheel as long it suits you. These outfits give off a boujee appearance and an overall polished look. It also makes your outfit look more expensive than it actually is. How you style the matching separate look is also not compulsive. You can wear minimal and dainty gold jewelry or chunky pieces to complement your outfit. If you like to experiment you can get yourself an outfit with an animal print like cheetah print or snake print since these prints are also making a comeback this year. The matching separates trend also limits the hassle of picking something every day to wear. You don’t have to waste a lot of time in front of your cupboard thinking about what to wear.

Velvet is back!

Velvet is making a comeback this year and can be seen in both eastern and western wear. Gotta and tilla embroidered clothes are a fashion favorite for festive wear and off-shoulder and cold-shoulder velvet tops and velvet trousers making the rounds in western wear designs. So whatever your aesthetic and preference you can wear velvet in your own way.

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