Why the maintenance-free earthing solutions are the need of the hour?

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 Every electrical installation needs to have a very reliable as well as trustworthy and good earthing system so that protection related goals are efficiently achieved. The good earthing system is a very important concept to be implemented by the organisations for the following points:


  • It will always ensure the safety of human as well as animal life throughout the whole system.

  • It will help in limiting the damage to the electrical equipment in the cases of lightning or fault.

  • There will be the timely operation of the protective devices so that overall goals are efficiently and easily achieved.

  • There is a distance of the earth electrode will always depend upon the resistivity and the type of electro to be utilised in the whole process.


 The conventionally earthing system was based upon galvanised iron pipe which was the main component and was termed as the electrode. The maintenance-free earthing nowadays is based upon several kinds of advancements in technology. Earlier the pit had to be excavated and the electrode was to be placed in the whole process which was then filled up with soil, charcoal and salt. The conduction of current into the conventional electrode was electrolytic which was the main reason that everything was based upon regularly watering and charging of the earth pit with salt so that low Earth resistance can be ensured. Hence, because of this particular aspect, the regular maintenance was becoming a very challenging concept which is the main reason that people are shifting their focus to maintenance-free earthing because following were the basic problems:



  1. The typical installation always needed four types of earthing systems which include the system, safety, lighting and electronic heading.

  2. Many of the commercial projects into the cities were only based upon the basements which limited the whole scope of the concept.

  3. Under the projects a lot of open areas had to be used for earthing and landscaping had to be done which further ensured that earth electrodes were very easily hidden in the whole process.

  4. Whenever the electrodes are very easily accessible the willingness to maintain it was very much lacking among the people which further ensured that people had to indulge in other kinds of things for effective implementation.

  5. The moisture also plays a very crucial role in the resistance of electrode and India is a tropical country where nine months is the dry season which further made sure that watering concept was very much difficult on the behalf of people. Hence, all these kinds of challenges were very much difficult to be dealt with.


 The moisture content had to be risen by 5% in the dry season and the pit required 4000 L of water which was impossible to provide especially in nations like India where many of the states are hit from the problem of water scarcity. These were various kinds of practical constraints faced by the people and one of the most important ones was watering of the electrode as well as charging of salt which had to be done regularly and was practically almost impossible. Hence, the earthing system became effective in all these kinds of things because of the limitations associated with the conventional earthing systems. 


There was no standardisation in the whole process, the commercial-grade iron plate was to be utilised, the salt also reacted with the electrode and lead to because other kinds of problems like corrosion and several other kinds of things, the salt was easily dissolvable in water which further led to various kinds of issues and the residual current flowing through the electrode also lead to a lot of corrosion and imbalance into the loads.


  The whole comprehensive concept of maintenance-free earthing is based upon soil treatments because the technological advancements have made sure that achieving good earthing system will always depend upon the backfill compound. After all, it was influenced by international standards as well. The backfill compound also determined the long-term reliability of the grounding systems which further made sure that resistivity had to be ensured across the whole system. The enhancement of materials was also a great issue which is the main reason that following different kinds of Indian as well as international standards is very important in the whole process so that overall goals are easily and efficiently achieved. 


These kinds of standards following will further ensure that compounds will not contain any kind of harmful chemicals and different kinds of compounds will be utilised in the whole system which will never pollute the underground resources as well. Also having a complete idea about the comparison between the modern and conventional earthing systems is very important in the whole process so that preferences can be present in the whole system and people can ensure that goal achievement has to be carried out perfectly. 

The advanced level maintenance free earthing system will always comply with different kinds of national as well as international standards because it will be based upon comprising of steel-based copper bonded electrons along with carbon type of conductive concrete battle which will have the compound resistivity of less than 0.1-ohm meter and everything will be tested as per the international standards which will ensure proper and effective implementation all the time. Hence, other things associated with this particular concept or directly linked with watering as well as charging systems so that people can enjoy the effective implementation of the time. Whenever the maintenance-free earthing system should be implemented by the organisations then they will be freed from different kinds of activities to be undertaken regularly which is the main reason that this concept is highly preferable across the globe.

Further, it will ensure the top-notch quality safety and security of everybody as well as electrical appliances because it will be very much successful in preventing the damage to the equipment and will also eliminate the possibility of hurting the operators. Hence, the whole comprehensive concept of chemical earthing price is very much genuine and is highly reliable in comparison to other options so that the different needs of the people are easily fulfilled.

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