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 SPITI VALLEY, conjointly called the center land, could be a stunning cold desert space in Himachal Pradesh. Spiti is thought to be the middle land because it lies between Bharat to the South and Xizang to the North. Within the past, an oversized volume of trade between Bharat and Xizang was conducted through this region.


Even today, the cultural influence of Xizang in Spiti is clear. everywhere you go, you may see stunning prayer flags flutter within the wind, peaceful folks with their prayer wheels and traditionally important Buddhist monasteries wherever an oversized variety of monks reside.


Natural depression could be a cold desert region with barren landscape with little patches of inexperienced agricultural land a thick the varied hues of Brown. Adding to the distinction area unit the high snow coated peaks that create Spiti appear as if the land of story and mystery.


The feeling of being in such an implausible place is enough for the United States to fall gaga with Spiti, however if you’re still inquisitive why you must visit Spiti… here goes


1. Spectacular high mountains


The spectacularly stunning high mountains of the Spiti area are a sight to see. Over centuries, the melting snow has scoured these mountains and created rock structures that look like a master craftsman has fine grafted the mountain to administer them this form.


A feeling of unimportance looms massive whereas traveling in Spiti, it\’ll cause you to want a bit speck before the mighty mountain chain mountains.



2. Photographing the gorgeous landscapes and vistas of Spiti


The entire natural depression could be a photographer\’s delight.


The friendly folks, the red robes of monks, the luxurious inexperienced tracts of agricultural land, the white patches of clouds within the blue  add a splash of color to Spiti.


Every currently and so you’ll come across one thing spectacular here and it\’ll leave you dumb and reaching out for your camera quicker than the speed of sunshine.



3. Quaint villages


Some of them have populations of simply thirty five people! Others area unit larger, with populations of two hundred to 250 folks. These small villages beneath the shadow of large mountains area unit merely gorgeous.



4. Village homestays


Even though {they area unit|they\’re} small and resources are laborious to return by, folks in Spiti area unit heat and hospitable. they\’re going to be happy to place you up for the night and supply you with easy and engaging native food.


At many places villagers have regenerated elements of their homes into guest homes. This is often an excellent means for them to earn a bit further associate degreed for somebody to induce an authentic travel expertise in Spiti.



5. Monasteries


There are five outstanding monasteries in that area units placed at Tabo, Kye, Kungri, Dhankar and Komic. every of them is a unit traditionally and culturally important to Spiti.


Tabo is over one thousand years old and consists of a variety of little temples. All structures of this cloister are a unit product of mud and that they look stunning against the barren brown landscape. Frescoes adorn the walls of cloister and that we advocate that you simply carry atiny low torch within to examine the tortuous design here.


Kye is the biggest cloister in Spiti and is additionally the most important coaching center for monks in Spiti. The cloister is placed atop a hill associate degreed is at an altitude of four,166 meters (13,670 feet


Kungri – once Tabo, this is often the second oldest cloister of Spiti and was designed around the 1330s. Kungri is found within the Pin natural depression, a part of Spiti. This cloister is known for its folk dance that is performed by residents of the Pin natural depression.


Dhankar – Dhang suggests that drop and Khar suggests that fort. Translated, Dhankar suggests that fort on a drop. Dhankar was the standard capital of Spiti within the seventeenth century and was the seat of power of the Nonos WHO were the rulers until Brits removed them.

The cloister is constructed at the stinger of a one,000 meters high drop high the confluence of the Spiti and Pin rivers. The world appeared spectacular from the trek route to Dhankar lake.


Komic cloister is placed at an associate degree altitude of four,510 meters (14,800 ft) and is the highest cloister. The settings of the cloister area unit are merely spectacular. All around you may see high snow coated peaks, a colossal barren landscape and clear blue skies.

beside the cloister you may be greeted by a stuffed Panthera uncia that is alleged to be as previous because of the cloister itself.


The parcel close to Komic offers endless prospects of hiking and trekking.


6. Dhankar Lake


 Very little higher than the Dhankar cloister is the Dhankar lake. It takes about an associate degree hour and 0.5 to hike up to the lake. within the still waters of the lake, you may see the reflection of a number of the very best snow coated peaks. If you’re lucky, you would possibly simply be ready to spot some exotic Spitian life close to this lake.


The area is so silent that you simply will hear the grass grow here. dead all a beautiful expertise.


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