Why SEO for Law Firms is Crucial During COVID-19

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The covid-19 pandemic has changed how the world works. Internet usage has increased tremendously. More and more people are working from home. This means SEO has become even more relevant. It is very important, particularly for small businesses. But, with businesses being affected throughout the globe, many have cut down on costs. Law firms are no different, and quite a few of them have cut down on what they think are avoidable expenses. However, SEO for law firms is crucial even in these challenging times.

It should be remembered that this pandemic is not going to last for too long. And, when this COVID19 comes to an end, life is going to get back to the normal ways that we have been used to. Under that situation, you are likely to get many new cases. However, if you have not invested in digitally promoting your firm during this pandemic, you are very likely to lose out on lucrative business. Cutting down your SEO budget will adversely affect your ranking on search engine pages. When ranking goes down on search engines, potential clients would not be able to find you.

It has to be understood that for law firms, SEO is not a short term exercise. It’s a continuous process and takes months, or even years, to reach top ranking. In these times, when clients are hard to come by, law firms are cutting down unnecessary expenses, and the first thing they think about is the SEO expenses. But what is important to understand is that rankings are crucial for your future business. And, therefore, it is important that you maintain good ranking as this pandemic drags on.

Increase in Internet Usage

As mentioned above, people have been forced to stay at home because of the pandemic. More and more people are working from home, classes are held online, and even otherwise people are spending time online. As such, internet usage has increased drastically. Though not many people would be searching for legal aid, quite a few of them would be looking to seek legal information. Therefore, cutting down your SEO budget could adversely affect your business, as a drop in ranking will decrease your online presence and ultimately you would lose out on possible business.

With the business environment not looking promising, it is very likely that many law firms would reduce their expenses in whatever way possible, and SEO will most probably be the first to take the hit. It is here that you have to be smart and keep your SEO for law firm going to ensure that your ranking is maintained. It is for sure that those firms which have suspended their SEO will resume it once the pandemic is over, but by that time you would be way ahead of your competitors.

SEO is a Long Term Process

SEO is not like any other digital form of advertising, which can be turned on and off without much consequence. SEO is a long term, continuous process where you have to keep putting in your effort to maintain your ranking. SEO takes months to achieve a high ranking on a search engine results page, and to maintain that ranking you have to continue with your SEO efforts. If you stop your efforts, your ranking will definitely fall and other firms might overtake you. It is true that many firms are short on funds because of lack of business, but if you stop your SEO now it could mean losing out on future business, which means losing even more money.

As we all know SEO is basically gaining trust of search engines, particularly Google, as it is the top search engine and is the first choice of the majority of people. And, gaining trust is not an easy job; it’s a slow and steady process which happens over a period. Any notable gain from SEO for a law firm doesn’t happen before at least six months or so. In fact, in a study it was found that less than 1% of pages that ranked top on Google were less than a year old.

It is, therefore, apparent that law firm SEO is very important during COVID-19. Gaining trust of search engines is not an easy task, but if you stop your SEO efforts till the pandemic is over, it can result in severe drop in ranking, and ultimately affecting your future business.


Author Bio

Sophia, a Google certified online marketer, and blogger at Conroy Creative Counsel – law firms marketing agency in the USA.

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