Why Learning English Language is becoming Important Nowadays

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English language course is the most common course offered in almost all countries due to its global recognition. There are many challenges in the world if you don’t know English. This blog is all about the importance of the English language course and the importance of English.

English is becoming the first international language and the universal tongue for technology, business, and communication. At the moment, being literate means knowing English. It is among the most widely used languages in the world. It is the first language in more than 104 different nations.

Moreover, because it is the only language used for communication in many nations, English is becoming a more widely spoken language. Even English is frequently used in media and literature. Because the vast majority of readers only speak English, the bulk of writers only write in English. Due to its role in facilitating global communication, it is crucial to job advancement.

CEFR levels

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, also known as CEFR, is a system used globally to assess a language learner’s proficiency. It was created by the Council of Europe and is intended to certify language proficiency.

The six CEFR levels are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. These levels make it simple to test your proficiency in almost 40 different languages. 

Language learners frequently use the levels informally to describe their levels of speaking, reading, writing and understanding a language. However, those who want to formally recognize their level can also take exams and obtain certificates.

Levels of CEFR 

  • A1 – Beginner Level

Here, a language learner can:

  • Understanding and utilizing extremely simple expressions to meet specific needs

  • Asking about personal information and making an introduction.

  • As long as the other person speaks slowly and clearly, engage in simple conversation.

  • A2 – Elementary 

A language student who has reached the A2 CEFR level can:

  • Recognize commonly used phrases in a variety of intermediate contexts, including family, work, and shopping.

  • Complete routine assignments that call for direct communication of information.

  • Give a brief explanation of urgent problems.

  • B1 – Independent User

Those learning a language at the B1 CEFR level are able to:

  • Recognize issues relating to your family, job, school, or leisure activities.

  • Wherever the language is spoken, deal with the majority of travel-related circumstances.

  • Write brief sentences about your own interests.

  • Briefly describe your experiences, occasions, goals, aspirations, opinions, and plans.


  • B2 – Upper Intermediate Level

A language learner who has reached CEFR level B2 can:

  • Recognize the key concepts in challenging material, such as a technical article pertaining to their area of expertise.

  • Interact naturally without putting the learner or the native speaker under too much stress.

  • Write a thorough text about a variety of topics.

  • C1 – Advanced Level

At this level, students can understand:

  • A variety of texts or dialogues are lengthier and more complex at the C1 CEFR level.

  • Without doing a lot of searching, express ideas.

  • Effectively communicate in the language in social, intellectual, and professional contexts.

  • Texts on complicated subjects should be well-structured and thorough.

  • C2 – Proficiency Level

A language learner who is at the C2 CEFR level can:

  • Easily comprehend everything that is read or heard.

  • Consolidate information from various sources into a presentation that makes sense.

  • They communicate clearly in challenging situations.


The CEFR English competency levels are a useful tool for assessing your present language abilities. Although many of the figures discussed in this article, such as the number of hours and the size of the vocabulary, are estimates, keep that in mind. Depending on your exposure to the language and the amount of time you spend learning, you can make more or less progress.

The level idea as originally described was expanded to cover the specification of levels lying immediately below and above the threshold level in order to meet the requirements for teaching and certification. Other levels were produced for a variety of languages in the light of the developments in this area, notably with reference to the CEFR. 

Let us list some of the major points to know why to learn the English language 

  • English as a Medium of Instruction

Actually, the English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) concept is gaining popularity. Any subject may be taught in English by educational institutions, sometimes because English is the language that is most widely spoken there, and sometimes because the institutions want to draw in students who think that studying in English will make them more marketable to employers worldwide.

  • Favored language for internet and press

The Internet uses English as the basic language of communication. On the internet, Several websites have English posting. There is a lot of English-language content online, and other languages don’t always have access to explicit translations. You may communicate with many individuals from all around the world, check your email, chat on message boards and online forums, and use other internet services through the English language.


  • Study anywhere around the world

There are a number of colleges and institutions offering English as a part of their curriculum. It is the increasing demand for English that most of the higher educational institutions are expecting English language course as part of their educational structure.

  • International tourist language

The most widely spoken language on earth is English. You benefit from learning English when you visit new nations. In any situation when it is simpler to ask for assistance, English will also be helpful to you. Your ability to speak, read, and write in English helps you better adapt to your circumstances. You are able to read directions, labels, cautions, and signs.

Traveling internationally is made simpler by having a solid command of the English language. Knowing English makes it simple to obtain aid and support in many countries across the world because it is the primary worldwide common language for outsiders.

  • Important in the International Businesses

Any business enterprise you choose to pursue will probably benefit from your proficiency in English. This is particularly true if you operate in the international field or want the chance for your profession to advance from a local to an international level in the future. English is spoken often in many offices, including those of commercial businesses, governmental agencies, and even math or engineering firms.

Many large businesses will only hire professional workers after verifying whether or not they have strong English skills. Companies that seek to operate on an international scale frequently only view their employees as well-educated if they are proficient English writers, readers, and speakers.

  • Better job opportunities

Students need to learn English because it broadens their horizons, develops their emotional stability, and improves their quality of life by opening doors to employment. Most employers look for candidates with strong English communication abilities.

  • Language for Medium

The majority of online content is written in English. The majority of the greatest news sources in the globe, including TV, newspapers, magazines, and radio, are in English. There’s a good chance that some of your favorite movies, TV series, and songs are in English. You will find that all movies at international film festivals are either in English or have English subtitles.

The most effective language you can study right now is English because it is the universal language of media and the arts, allowing you to access as much as possible without having to rely on translations.


  • Learning English can help you make new friends

There are many people across the globe who know the English language. And as mentioned above there are many social media or the internet that use English as the basic language of communication. Hence, English is the globally accepted language, you can find many friends across the world. This way you can open up yourself with many people around you. 

Making friends can also help you learn about their culture and tradition. Enhancing your knowledge across the globe.

  • Multilinguality 

Speaking multiple languages is also becoming increasingly important in the globally connected economic world. If multilingual individuals can communicate directly and in English with new clients and employers, they will be miles ahead of their rivals in the hunt for jobs and high-prestige positions.

If we want to prepare the next generation of young people in our nation to become future entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists, engineers, etc., we must create an atmosphere that supports multilingual learning from an early age.

  • Option to discover the new culture

You can understand music, films, television shows, and literature from hundreds of different nations if you have a solid command of the English language. We also can’t ignore the fact that many books from around the world have been translated into English. You’ll be able to get experiences like understanding the beliefs, customs, and way of life of people from cultures other than your own.


The aforementioned points are just some of the examples that serve as a few reasons why the English language is becoming important nowadays. I believe that these factors have drawn your attention to the importance of continuing to boost your English in order to advance your profession.

  • By consistently practicing reading, writing, and speaking English, you can learn by yourself.

  • The aforementioned examples serve as just a few reasons why English is a crucial language.

  • I believe that these factors have drawn your attention to the importance of continuing to boost your English in order to advance your profession.

  • By consistently practicing reading, writing, and speaking English, you can learn by yourself.

  • Make it a habit to record all of your everyday activities in English.

  • Make an effort to become familiar with those who speak English. Because as you continue conversing with local speakers, you will comprehend slang and the appropriate word usage.

  • Watch English-language albums, songs, and movies with subtitles to make it simpler for you to comprehend the language.

  • Keep browsing the internet because English is the primary language of communication there.

  • Add a few of the applications that provide online English courses for free. You can at least learn the fundamentals of English here. Quizzes, riddles, and questionnaires are usual parts of these applications.

  • Join an institution that offers English language courses. In most cases, educational institutions offer lecturers that can instruct and aid your learning. Learning may be enjoyable and socializing can be simple.


The basic English language course starts with the following examples- 

  • Identifying yourself and stating your origin

  • speaking of your family

  • placing a restaurant order

  • Describe your routines and interests

  • issuing instructions

  • discussing the weather

  • purchasing items from a retailer


Making understandable sentences out of English words is a simple process to start. The majority of students discover that learning basic English is more enjoyable than they anticipated because there are no gendered nouns or adjectives, few verbs that require conjugation in the present tense (“I have, you have, they have, we have”), and a lot of ambient exposure to the language through TV and advertising.


Instead, to attempt to learn everything on your own, it is advantageous to enroll in an English language course where the instructor will assist you in starting off on the right foot. It’s challenging to learn a new language on your own. The majority of people have many inquiries. It won’t be easy to pronounce. If you choose to study alone, you will be much more independent after you have a foundational understanding of English under your belt under the instruction of an English teacher. English Language Course for Kids


All these are the facts why the English language is gaining importance. These are the major reasons why English language courses are offered in the majority of countries. As such I know one of the most popular educational firms offering the English language course. It is “Henry Harvin”, the most famous and award-winning institute. It has multiple branches across the world.

Henry Harvin

It is the one-stop the best learning platform for new bees to experienced professionals. They offer online as well as classroom learning opportunities which you can choose at your convenience and comfort. 

The English language course at Henry Harvin is designed to facilitate every individual to learn English with a better understanding and basic principles.

  • The curriculum of the English language course consists of training, projects, internship, certification, placement, and many more.

  • Well-qualified trainers are involved in designing the course to suit every level of students.

  • Learn many skills, tools, and techniques with 100%practical knowledge on the subject with the training provided.

  • You can implement your learning through simulated/capstone projects.

  • They maintain the Job Portal which gives job support. You can get weekly assistance on the job openings.

Relative courses

  • English writing course

  • English speaking course

  • English language for kids

  • Business English Teacher course


In conclusion, while learning English is difficult and time-consuming, it also has many benefits for our future careers and other areas. Being able to communicate in English improves your chances of landing a decent job at a global corporation in your native country or obtaining employment overseas. Learning English is crucial for socializing, enjoyment, and employment because it is the language of global communication, the media, and the internet. Many English language courses are available to native speakers across the world to get a good grip on it.


Q.1 Is it okay to learn English on my own?

Ans. Yes, it is ok to learn English on your own. But for learning anything we need some experienced and qualified instructors. You need to make a little more effort to learn English and uphold yourself.


Q.2 Can I enroll in an educational institute to take an English language course?

Ans. Of course, there are many institutions providing English language course. You can learn online as well as in the classroom. 

Learning online may need extra effort from your end. As you will not be in direct contact with the trainers, you need to take responsibility for yourself. 

Classroom learning is always the best way of learning. Learning along with fellow peers is always fruitful as you will have competitive spirits among each other. You can have a direct discussion with your friends and trainers about any doubts related English language course.


Q.3 Why is it important to take an English language course?

Ans. Learning English improves your chances of landing a decent position in a global corporation in your native country or abroad. Learning English is crucial for socializing, enjoyment, and employment because it is the language of global communication, the media, and the internet.


Q.4 What are the basics of an English language course?

Ans. Grammar, Phonetics, Word pronunciation, Spoken abilities, Grammar, Word recognition, vocabulary, Writing Techniques, and Verbal Use of the Language.

The above are some of the basic topics covered in any English language course.


Q.5 How can improve my English on my own?

Ans. There are many ways to improve your English on your own. I can list some of the tips below –

  • Watch English-language movies, shows, songs, etc.

  • Become completely engrossed in English-language news.

  • Maintain a dictionary of the new words that you encounter.

  • Have discussions in the English language.

  • Practice a lot, and keep practicing.

  • Do not panic to be curious to learn more and more.

  • Enjoy yourself while you learn, and don’t forget.


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