Why Is Your AC Making Upsetting Sounds?

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When summer season comes, you turn ON the AC to keep indoor places cool. Since the air conditioner is restarted after months, you fail to distinguish the cooling effect level. Has it happened to you? However, that is not all. One day, you suddenly hear abnormal sounds from your AC. It can scare you, particularly at night. Do you feel that your air conditioner is talking to you? Is it showcasing an upset emotion through sounds? It is entirely possible. 

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We have derived some issues concerning the sounds from air conditioning Francisco experts. They state that your AC’s refrigerant level is low when your AC generates sounds while minimizing the cooling effect. You can refer to the sounds mentioned below to save money concerning electricity bills and extensive AC repairs.


Upsetting Sounds of AC Refrigerant Leaks

Here you can learn about an important thing- a low refrigerant level hampers the AC operations. It may make you hear abnormal sounds that you must never overlook. Let’s dive into the sound effects that signal low refrigerant levels or leaks, defective components, broken crankshaft, etc.!

  • Banging: San Francisco air conditioning experts illustrate that when an AC generates banging sounds, the problem is related to broken or loose components. The compressor, piston pin, connecting rod, or crankshaft needs an immediate replacement or repair if you hear a banging sound.

  • Clanking: When an internal AC part is imbalanced or loose, it produces abrasion against other components. It may hamper the cooling effects or lead to significant repairs. You can avoid this issue by giving sheer attention to clanking sound. According to the experts, you can hear clanking commotion if the AC’s fan blades of either indoor or outdoor fans are damaged, broken, or misplaced.

  • Clicking: It is among the most confusing sounds. As per air conditioning San Francisco professionals, an AC clicks when you Tun OFF or ON the system. Therefore, you get confused in distinguishing the clicking sound in your AC. If you hear that sound in-between, before, and after turning ON the AC, it signals towards a failing thermostat or defective controls. You can seamlessly save your money and AC by addressing the clicking sound at the earliest.

  • Buzzing: You may hear buzzing sounds in an air conditioner. It can be possible that an insect can get trapped inside. However, it is not always the case. The buzzing commotion is generally related to refrigerant leaks. You can hire San Francisco air conditioning professionals to diagnose, repair, and refill the refrigerant to eliminate the sound and improve the AC’s efficiency. Now let’s take a look at other issues that could be related to buzzing sounds:

  1.  Internal parts are loose.

  2. Debris is accumulated in the outdoor or indoor unit.

  3. The fan motor is about to fail or lose.

  4. Improper or defective fan blades.

  5.  Copper wires are rubbing against either each other or other components.

  6.  Condenser coils are dirty and need deep cleaning.

  7. The air filter is clogged or broken.

  8. The blower is damaged.

  • Squealing: An AC never makes a squealing sound during a standard cycle. Therefore, you must notify any squealing or rattling sound in your ductwork or air conditioner. It can be signaling damaged or defective motor, fan, or fan blades. If you hear rattling or squealing sounds, you need to hire air conditioning Francisco experts. They will meticulously repair the fan blades, fan, or motor in your budget. 

  • Screaming: If you hear a screaming noise from an air conditioner, you urgently need professional repair services. The issue is related to refrigerant leaks that can affect your health and damage the AC. There is no DIY troubleshooting method to eliminate this sound. All you can do is TURN OFF the air conditioner.


If you can carefully hear the sounds that your air conditioner may produce, you can avoid significant repair costs and save your system. Air conditioning services professionals enunciate that when an AC malfunctions, it always produces upsetting sounds to inform you about its working condition. Therefore, you can become a smart appliance owner by noticing the upsetting sounds and resolving them on time. 


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