Why is social media not enough to sustain a business and a brand?

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Regardless of whatever category they belong to, businesses these days are using social media to connect with customers. Whether it is services, furniture, banking, airlines, packaged goods or sports.

Recently, a large number of businesses have started using social media in order to help their businesses get the needed edge. Despite its power, social media is surprisingly not enough to sustain both businesses and brands alike.

Because there has been an issue: The number of social media users across various parts of the globe is dwindling. Even in the developed world, social media usage is reducing which is thus forcing marketers to bring back old principles in marketing.

In fact, a reevaluation of digital and social media marketing practices is underway to ensure no stone is left unturned. Yet, it is being proven that social media is not enough to sustain a business’s marketing.

Let us now check the reasons for such

Human connections cannot be replaced

Social media is a necessity in marketing today. However, it is not enough because it simply cannot replace the human communication connection and channel. Face to face communication builds trust between customers and businesses.

When the relationship grows, the business grows as well. Customers need to know if there are people behind the business instead of reading prescription messages on screens about services or products they want to acquire.

In fact, people want to be heard, be understood, and be helped. They do not want robotic messages and automation to be overdone without proper reason, something a well-known social media agency from Hamilton stresses about.

Social networks change and evolve

Those who are using social media will be hence forced by the platforms to abide by their regulations. Suppose a change occurs in the regulations, say the free services once provided are now coming in with a price tag.

It will be difficult to continue the plan as it was originally planned because such a price tag is usually unanticipated. THere can be a case of the social network either getting shut down, going down with an outage or getting banned due to any reason.

What would businesses do if social media was the only way through which they have been communicating with customers 24/7, closes down all of a sudden? What would the businesses do if the social networks went down due to a technical outage or another issue?

Hence, businesses should have a digital backup plan and backup digital channels to ensure their communication is seamless.

Referrals are a powerful business provider

A recent Nielsen consumer report showed that people are four times more than likely to purchase a product if it is referred to by a loved one, a friend or another person with trust and authority.

Customers are likely to act upon the recommendations of the people they know and trust. Social media fortunately does link consumers to other like minded people who purchased the product but there is one question: would they completely relate to those kinds of people?

Hence, referrals will always remain as a highly effective and yet an inexpensive way in attracting new customers.

Everybody is NOT on social media

It is a simple fact; not a single one of the potential customers have social media. In order to target all the potential customers, each business, brand and organization alike must make a marketing strategy that not only can communicate through social media but also other mediums as well.

Using the right marketing mix helps marketers and their firms generate more leads through the use of different sources of communication (app ideas).


Social media is no doubt a necessity, an essential and a fundamental part of digital marketing. However, it should be understood that it is just a support pillar for the marketing strategy. It does constitute a good chunk of the digital marketing universe, but it is not the final frontier.

The usage of social media has been decreasing across North America. However, the presence of online forums and other social mediums are present. It is wise for businesses and organizations alike to look for sustainable and viable digital channels that can help them stay afloat digitally and even help them thrive at this time of need.

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