Why is adding the Magento 2 social login extension important?

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The Magento 2 social login extension is designed for the fastest registration process on your Magento 2 site. We will shock after knowing their benefit. For more details, click now.



Did your maximum traffic get lost from your website’s login panel? The Magento 2 social login extension will help you. Want to know how? Read it down.


Nowadays, everyone wants a single-click login since filling in emails or other details for any login has taken so much time. And many times, the login process fails because of a typing mistake.


So, to solve this problem and reduce the bounce rate on logging in, you can add the Social Media Login Extension for Magento 2.


The Magento 2 Social Login extension is designed for rapid sign-in procedures to your Magento store with minimal processing of registration steps.


In this blog, we will mention all the benefits and features of the Magento 2 Social Media Login Extension. After reading these pieces of content, you will see how this simple extension can help you increase your eCommerce business.


This blog gives you a big picture of what features you must have in your social media login extension for Magento 2. So let’s start.


Why is our Magento 2 social login loved by all?

In the current world, we have to remember many things, and if we log into an account using a password, it is hard to remember that code for a long time.


Similarly, there are so many other problems your visitors face every time. So here are some reasons to motivate you and give you a glimpse of why you need to add the Magento 2 Social Login Extension to your e-Commerce store. 


·        Save time in the Login Process:

Before installation, visitors must mention their name, email, or phone number to sign up for an account. Sometimes, they may misspell their details while typing and get a “login failed” notification.


It hurts them, and they refuse to create accounts, and fewer accounts on your eCommerce store mean fewer sales. So, to solve this problem, you need to make the quick install and set up process easy.


The M2 Social Login extension gives you a faster registration experience and possibly fewer failed logins.


·        No Need to Remember Password:

After some time, your customer returns to your website and wants to sign in to purchase any goods. But guess what, they forgot the password. And the worst part is that you miss your sale.


It’s normal for us to forget the password of an account, and to protect ourselves from the lengthy password recovery process, we find new sites that allow us to easily log in without worrying about passwords.


So, after installing the Magento 2 Social Media Login extension, you will provide an easy sign-up process to keep the customer. Pixlogix offers you the best Magento 2 Social Login Extension so you can easily manage your visitors’ details.


The most important thing is that it gives you the option for your customers to uplink their accounts.


·        Multiple Login Options:

You can choose from an exhaustive list of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, GitHub, Yahoo, Foursquare, and Disqus and create an amazing pop-up list to give your visitors an excellent sign-in option.

In the online market, there is a thumb rule for success. It says to serve your customers best to make them happy, and then you will get back your good deed in terms of good revenue.



The Magento 2 Social Login extension is a comfortable and effective tool for integrating your Magento user account with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, and many other social media channels.

Signing up via social media is a perfect way to enhance your customer’s pleasurable experience.


Pixlogix’s Magento 2 Social Media extension provides you with many wonderful features, like easy mobile login; pop-up login; capturing real email addresses; pre-verified users; and compatibility with all the leading browsers, including Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla, and many more.


Apart from this, you can quickly install and set up the M2 Social Login extension with its compelling and responsive design and unlink your accounts for privacy. There is no need to remember passwords.

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