Why Hard Drive Shows Less Space

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The short but most confusing and interesting question regarding any hard drive or storage is why it has less space than mentioned on it. Well, not only me but almost all the users like me and you are in search for the reason behind it. After research here we are with you to roll out the secret reason behind why hard drive shows less space.

All people may notice that the phones having the 64GB internal storage can’t store or read the overall 64 GB files thereon. Not only the case is limited to the phone’s storage but it is also found in terms of the External drives like Pen Drive (Flash Drive), Compact Disk, or any Hard Drive.

Just talk about the 64GB SD Card. Although the company mentioned the 64GB storage capacity on it in an actual sense, the SD Card fails to store the 64 GB files and data on it. In 64GB we can find out only the storage around 52GB.

So, here is one of the most confusing and interesting terms why are hard drives smaller than advertised? Therefore, we are with you to give a practical based answer to it.

Why Hard Drive Shows Less Space

Hard Drive Less Storage is the basic problem that we can find in all the drives. This can be similar to the mandatory policies that we will learn in any storage drives either it’s your phone’s internal storage, CD, Hard Disk, SD Card, or any Flash Drives. So, the main reason why HDD Size is Less is due to its calculation policy. The calculation policy of the storage is one of the biggest reasons for getting less storage in any storable drives.

The drivers manufacturing company follows the volume of the storage in the wrong way. As in real sense, we can’t say it wrong but the calculation of the data in terms of Drivers manufacturing company is comparatively less as compared to the calculation system of any driver supportive machines like Computers and Smartphones.

The Driver manufacturing company follows the separate mathematical calculation to form and manufacture the drives. Moving towards the mathematical calculation of any mobile phone and computer is predicated on the various method.

Hard Drive Less Storage

So, now let’s see the mathematical calculation of the data volume to find out why hard drive shows less space than mentioned on it.

Here, the majority of the people thinks that 1GB is equaled to 1000MB but in a real sense the number of Mega Bytes (MB) that makes a single GB is 1024MB but not 1000MB.

So, we will learn the implementation of the identical policy on the Drive manufacturing companies. the businesses that manufacture prepares the storage by 1000MB is equals to 1GB.


Just take an example of the 16GB Internal Storage memory Card.

16GB Storage By System Readers (Real File Data Storage Measurement)

1GB= 1024GB

1GB= 1,073,741,824 Bytes (1024*1024*1024)

So, now come to the point and calculate the value of 16GB using the same process.

16GB = 17,179,869,184 Bytes (1024*1024*1024*16)

16GB Storage by Manufacturers

1GB= 1000MB

1GB= 1,000,000,000 Bytes (1000*1000*1000)

So, now come to the point and calculate the value of 16GB using the same process.

16GB= 16,000,000,000 Bytes (1000*1000*1000*16)


16,000,000,000 Bytes / 1,073,741,824 Bytes = 14.9

So, this calculation proves that we are getting around 15% less storage on the storage capacity marked on the drive or claimed by the Drive manufacturer.

Why HDD Size is Less

The above process is one of the main reasons to get the actual data storing the size of any drives less than the mentioned on it by the manufacturer company. So, the above mathematical proof clears that we can find around 15% less storage on every drive as mentioned by the company.

It means that if the phone’s storage is 128GB Mentioned by the manufacturer then the actual size of the storage that we can get on that phone is around 108GB.

Another reason that I find why hard drive shows less space is due to efficiency policy. As per physical science, no machines gives 100% efficiency. So, due to this to make it easy to access and run the storage the manufacturing company cuts down the storage.

Just see any cans, bottles you can’t find the 100% full thereon. does one know the explanation for why the coke bottles or any beverage bottles don’t seem to be full?  As like this, the same case is also implemented on it. Well, it’s not 100% proof but it is the short quotation from my side that may be true.

Final Words

So, guys here we tried out to roll the possible reason and suitable answer regarding the question of why hard drives shows less space. In this article, we have described the one major reason behind it. We have proven it out mathematically to make you more clear about the topic.

The mathematical task shows that the manufacturing company like Sony, HP, Samsung, SanDisk follows the 1000 Policies to create a hard drive but the computers and file system follows the 1024 policies. Due to the difference in it. The storage capacity is less as mentioned on it.

Also, we can get the conclusion that the actual size of any hard drive either it is a Pen Drive, Memory CARD, or any Hard Disk has around 15% less storage than mentioned on it labeled on it.

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