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You slept well but still wake up feeling tired? It could be a disorder or a nutritional deficiency, but often the causes are more trivial than you think and easily solved.


The recommended hours of sleep are between 7 and 8 a night and those who do not sleep enough tend to get fat. So we often focus only on how many hours we sleep and neglect how we sleep.

If you always go to sleep at different times (because you always work different shifts for example) this can also affect your health, as much as getting little sleep.


Are there days when you are so busy that you even forget to eat? Eating too little or too much, choosing unhealthy foods, or following the wrong diet makes us feel exhausted. Even simple carbohydrates such as white bread, fizzy drinks, and sweets, “steal” our energy, because they provide only empty calories, which do not provide any nutrients and cause the blood sugar level to rise quickly and in a short time, while the pancreas secretes a lot of insulin. As soon as the peak is over, we feel tired again. This is why it is important to follow a diet that is as balanced as possible.

Did you know that …?

It’s not just carbohydrates that make us feel tired. It also happens when we eat meat due to tryptophan, an amino acid contained in meat that is a precursor to the happiness hormone, serotonin. When we eat meat, our body needs more energy to digest it.

Another reason that causes fatigue is coffee: initially coffee stimulates the production of adrenaline but this effect does not last long and after it passes, you feel even more tired. You can follow these tips to get energy throughout the day without drinking coffee!

Note: Some foods help you sleep better because they contain tryptophan, like bananas and legumes for example. If you eat them in large quantities, they will also cause fatigue.


Headache, exhaustion, are among the numerous consequences that occur when you drink little liquids (we are talking about unsweetened drinks and water). Did you know that our bodies are made up of 50% water? If we drink too little, our metabolism slows down and we feel tired as a result.


f we want more energy, we must produce it. When you move, the heart pumps, the metabolism awakens and circulation improves. Those who move less will also have less energy.

Having a regular exercise routine also helps you sleep better. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine 1 ) confirms this: you can start with simple habits such as parking the car away from the destination and walking there or taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator or even doing some exercise during the break lunch if you are in the office.  

Good to know:

Exercising has tons of benefits: it makes the heart pump, speeds up metabolism and improves circulation, and last but not least, it keeps us young.


In the summer we are usually more energetic, but if the day is grayer than usual we tend to feel tired and listless, have you noticed?

It happens for this reason:

The dark causes the body to release melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

For this reason, it is better to spend most of the time outside, even when it is cloudy because it gets more light than in the office or at home. Take a walk when you have your lunch break and fill up on vitamin D; if you have the opportunity, also do outdoor business meetings and also remember not to close the curtains to let in the sunlight, especially in the morning to start the day.


Work emails, continuous calls, WhatsApp notifications on mobile phones, we are all continuously reachable these days and this can cause stress to the body.


Our brains must continually select which information is important and which is not (if not, we would be flooded with information).

This is why it is important to take a break when you feel stressed, both from the Internet and from social networks and KissAnime in general. It also often helps to check emails only at set times and turn off the phone in the evening.

What’s your secret to getting more energy? Write it in the comments.

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