Which Vehicles Companies Use for Trade Jobs?

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A trading van is something without which a tradesman cannot operate for his business. If you are planning to become a tradesman, you can choose any industry. However, having the right type of vehicle is a must. Whether you are running the business solely or have a team to carry out the tasks with you, selecting the right type of trading vehicle can instantly boost the productivity of your business. With your own trading van, you can also advertise your business wherever you go. Cheap van leasing options are now available for new tradesmen so that they can give a kick-start to their business venture.

Small Vans

There was a time when small vans were not considered to use for trading jobs. However, the newer versions of small vans come with fully-functional heating systems, ergonomic design, impressive entertainment and infotainment systems, and climatic control features. They are more fuel-efficient, easy to drive, and easy to park. Peugeot Partner, Ford Fiesta van, Mercedes-Benz Citan, and Ford Transit Courier Van is the most popular vans for caterers and electrician because of the roomy storage space.

Large Vans

Large vans have the largest payload capacity that outshines all the other benefits of small and medium-sized vans. These vans are ideal for good transport businesses, home delivery projects, gardeners, and plumbing companies as they have huge storage space. With these vans, you can rest assured of having everything that you need to get the job done. A large van is allowed for the largest payloads of 1200 – 1500 kg with the largest cargo space that is allowed to be driven in the UK. Most of the moving and packing companies in the UK are using large vans because of the convenience of space they provide.  Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and Ford Transit are some of the best large vans.

Pickup & 4×4 Vans

The best part about using a pickup or a 4×4 van is that they are classified as commercial vehicles, which is why they have a fixed rate of benefit in the Kind tax. These vans are popular because of their cost-saving, lower tax rates, and massive storage that makes them ideal for courier businesses or people who are dog walkers. With advanced tractional controls and easy maneuvering ability, these vans are ideal to make every journey comfortable. Fiat Fullback and Ford Ranger Pickup is popular 4×4 vans.

Combi & Crew Vans

If your trading business involves a whole crew that helps you get things done, crew vans are the best to choose. Event managers and entertainers require a team of 5 to 6 members to carry out the bouncy castle, outdoor games, and other party equipment. Combi crew vans provide comfortable sitting space along with the storage space you need for the stuff. Comfort, style, and safety are the most highlighted features of these vans because you can use it for multi-purpose. Volkswagen Caddy, Volkswagen Caddy, Citroen Dispatch, and Vauxhall Movano is a few crew vans to name.

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