Which Project Management Certification is Right for You?

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Project management certifications are an incredible option for individuals hoping to gain an edge over the other applicants. This is a type of document that validates your skills and proficiency in numerous aspects of project management. There are countless project management certifications present in the world. However, the demand for this certification has increased drastically in recent years. Some of these certifications also help an individual to keep their knowledge updated regarding this field through the maintenance of certifications.

There are several surveys that reveal that the majority of the companies with certified project managers have a higher project success rate as compared to the one without any. Therefore, the majority of the industries aim at hiring individuals with project management certifications. Mainly in prestigious industries, the prerequisites of obtaining a job position include certain types of project management certification

Certifications are also considered as a step to stay up-to-date in the evolving requirements of the business. It helps you to keep up with the advanced and latest trends, methods, and technology. It is useful for individuals to obtain better job options and it also enables them to receive respect within their industry. These certifications also enhance the earning potential of an individual greatly. 

These certifications have been considered a necessity in the current world. Although it highly depends on the choices that you make. Some of the certifications that are widely recognized across the globe are as follows:

Certified Associate in Project Management®

This a widely recognized certification that is the choice for numerous individuals in this field. It is a beginner level certification that can be taken up by any individual wanting to expand their profession in this field further. It is a certification offered to individuals by the PMI. There are a few requirements that the individuals are needed to satisfy before applying for it. It includes few hours of experience i.e. 1,500 hours in this field. This certification helps an individual to get a clear idea regarding the fundamentals of project management including several other concepts.

Cost: $225 for PMI members, $300 for non-members.

CompTIA Project+

This is yet another beginner level certification that doesn’t have many conditions to fulfill as compared to that of the CAPM. This certification is best suitable for the individuals working in smaller industries or even medium-sized industries and have accumulated enough few years of experience in this field. With this certification, you get the opportunity to enhance your profession further. It also assists you in honing your skills and learning the additional and latest skills required to accomplish the objectives of a particular project successfully.

Cost: $285

Project Management Professional®

This is a highly acknowledge certification in the world currently. PMP certification is demanded across numerous industries across the globe. Besides, there are over millions of people acquiring this certification globally. This certification is aimed at highly experienced project managers. It helps you to learn about the expense, time, and scope of the project.

There are five separate areas included in this certification such as planning, monitoring, initiation, execution, and closing. This certification verifies your advanced skill level in this field. The PMBoK® guide is quite crucial for this certification exam. There few strict requirements that PMP aspirants are required to follow in order to qualify for the certification.

Price: For online, $405 for PMI members and $555 for non-members.

For printed exams, $250 for PMI members and $400 for non-members.

Associate in Project Management®, Certified Project Director®, and Professional in Project Management®

These are all certifications provided to the applicants by the GAQM®, a non-profit organization. There are numerous skills of project management covered in the APM certification at the beginner level. It also does not have any prerequisites for the individuals to fulfill.

PPM is considered as a higher-level certification that is suitable for individuals with past experiences in this field. However, CPD certification is solely aimed at professional individuals that are interested in learning how to handle large projects and concentrate on handling the timeframe and budget of multiple projects.

Cost: All three at $300 each

Certified Project Management Practitioner®

Although there are no particular requirements present for taking up this certification. It is suggested for the individuals to opt for the exam training course that lasts for three days. 

Cost: $199


No matter which certification you decide on taking, it is required for you to have the proper tools to implement the knowledge learned. Therefore, increasing your practical knowledge along with theoretical is required to excel in this line of work.

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