Which Are The Largest Discount Stores In The US?

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Discount retailers are distinguished by their price structure, which features prices that are substantially lower than either their competitors and suggested selling prices from manufacturers. Unlike their more expensive competitors, these stores appear to be expanding well and avoiding e-commerce.

Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Five Below, Big Lots, TJ Maxx, Sam’s Club, Costco, and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet were among the greatest discount stores in the United States.

Insights In Brief

  • In the United States, there are about 37,000 bargain stores.
  • Dollar General has the most locations (16.9K).
  • The state with the most stores (3.7K) is Texas.
  • Dollar businesses account for more than 80% of all bargain stores.
  • In the United States, there are 674 fewer dollar chains in December 2019 than there were in December 2018.

How Many Discount Stores Are There In The US?


We looked at 37,530 stores from nine budget stores in the United States.

Dollar General is the biggest discount retailer chain in the United States, with 16,952 locations in 46 states. With 7,873 locations in 46 states, Family Dollar is the second-largest retailer. Dollar Tree is in third place with 7,477 locations. Dollar store companies account for more than 80% of all bargain stores in the United States.

Dollar Chain Trend In The US

Dollar Tree owns Family Dollar, and the three dollar-chain brands, when joined with Dollar General, have even more retail locations than Subway and Domino’s combined. While Dollar General and Dollar Tree have quietly opened locations across the United States, Family Dollar has been closing stores at a faster rate.

There are 674 fewer dollar chains in the US than there were in December 2019. In December of last year, there were 32,976-dollar chains in the United States.

Dollar General Location US

With 16,952 locations, Dollar General is the largest retail chain in the United States. The states having the most Dollar General stores are California (621), Texas (620), and Florida (562).

Dollar General Corporation has made a concerted effort to increase its food and beverage business. The Better-For-You initiative was created in response to client input that they are looking for healthier food options at a reasonable price. In 17.4 percent of retailers, Better for You is now available.

Dollar General also offers curbside pickup and Dollar General Go, a fast-track option that allows you to scan purchases on your phone and skip the checkout line.


Family Dollar Locations US

In the United States, there are 7,873 Family Dollar locations. The states with the most Family Dollar stores are Texas (1,060), Florida (574), and Ohio (440). Family Dollar stores have decreased by 17% since December 2019.

Alcoholic beverages are sold in 31% of Family Dollar stores, however, only a limited selection of beer and wine is available.


Dollar Tree Locations US

In the United States, there are 7,477 Dollar Tree locations. The states having the most Dollar Tree locations are Texas (1,601), Georgia (953), and Florida (926).

Dollar Tree launched the ‘Snack Zone’ in roughly 200 shops in 2018, to provide customers with a tempting assortment of instant consumption products for $1 to generate incremental sales. Snack Zone has increased foot traffic and is now accessible in over 2.5K Dollar Tree locations.


Five Below Locations US

Five Below, which claims that nothing costs more than $5, has 1,018 locations around the United States. The states having the most Five Below locations are Texas (110), Florida (96), and Pennsylvania (67).

Big Lots Locations US

Big Lots Inc., based in Columbus, Ohio, has 1,404 locations in 47 states. The states with more Big Lots locations are California (152), Texas (112), and Florida (105). Despite being a furniture business, Big Lots has profited from the coronavirus pandemic since it is a necessary retailer that also offers food and household products.

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is accepted at 89 percent of Big Lots locations. SNAP was created to assist low-income people in maintaining a healthy diet by having relatively expensive commodities, such as fresh vegetables, available to them.


TJ Maxx Locations US

TJ Maxx has 1,274 locations in the United States. The states with some of the most TJ Maxx stores are California (121), Florida (95), and New York (84).


Sam’s Club Locations US

In the United States, there are 598 Sam’s Club locations. The states having the most Sam’s Club locations are Texas (82), Florida (46), and California (29). Sam’s Club offers a wide range of consumer healthcare services, including consumer health clinics, optical facilities, dental care, and mental health treatment. In addition, more than 90% of Sam’s Club stores include in-store pharmacies.

The hearing aid retailer is a major player in the industry. In 78 percent of its sites, hearing aid accessories and equipment are available.

Costco Locations US

In the United States, there are 551 Costco locations. The states having the most Costco locations are California (130), Texas (33), and Washington (32).


Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Locations US

In the United States, there are 378 Ollie’s restaurants. The states having the most Ollie’s stores are Pennsylvania (45), Ohio (33) and Florida (31). Ollie’s stores are now only available in 25 states; however, the company plans to build 50 new locations by the end of 2020.


States Having Highest Number Of Discount Stores


Texas will have the most discount stores (3,701), followed by Florida (2.4K) and Ohio (1.4K) (1.9K). Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Five Below, and Sam’s Club are the most popular bargain stores in Texas.

Expanding Discount Shops

In a decreasing and confusing retail climate, discount businesses are booming. These shops all have good business plans that show they know their stuff when it comes to the industry and their target demographic. Discount stores will continue to be a component in purchases for retailers in 2020, despite department stores’ decline, as consumers seek greater purchasing power from their limited means.

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