Where do I find the General Ledger QuickBooks Report today?

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Looking for a total rundown of transactions General Ledger QuickBooks? Pull up a General Ledger report.

A General Ledger report in QuickBooks Online shows a rundown of transactions from all accounts for a particular date range. Examples of these accounts include the asset accounts like Cash, Accounts Receivable, Equity and Undeposited Funds. You can pick either Cash or Accrual basis when running this report and you can also channel it by selecting just those accounts you want the report to show you. This report is available in all variants of QuickBooks Online.

To Find the General Ledger QuickBooks Report

1.       Select Reports from the left navigation panel and then, at that point, pick All.

2.       Look down to the bottom of your screen and then, at that point, select For My Accountant.

3.       Select General Ledger.

4.       Select the date range and then, at that point, pick either Cash or Accrual basis.

5.       Select Run Report to generate the report.

What is a general ledger?

A general record is a recordkeeping framework used to sort, store, and summarize a company’s financial transactions. A general record has four primary parts: a journal passage, a portrayal, charge and credit segments, and a balance.

1.       A journal section: The quantity of each journal passage presented on the account and the date of the passage.

2.       A portrayal: A depiction of the transaction.

3.       Charge and credit sections: Each journal passage posts a charge or credit to the general record.

4.       A balance: A general record records the account balance each time a charge or credit presents on the account. At month-end, after all the journal passages post, the ending balance is calculated.

You can utilize the account balances in the general record to generate the trial balance. A trial balance records each account and the current account balance. The dollar amount of total charges should equal total credits in the twofold passage accounting framework.

General record accounts include five account categories. The balance sheet utilizes three categories (assets, liabilities, and value), and the income statement reports two categories (income and costs).

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