When is the Best Time to Get an MBA?

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It’s fascinating to try to move as quickly as possible to obtain that next degree. Still, if you move too early, you might not be available for the programs available from India’s top management colleges. And if you go too late, you may have wasted years that could have been spent moving up the career ladder. So, what’s the right answer? When exactly is the best time to get an MBA?

Can’t I just go right after my undergraduate degree?

With a few limitations, your best chance to get an MBA is not immediately after college. These days, an MBA does not come with quite the same employment guarantee it once did – even when you receive one from one of the top business schools. Hiring managers say they are only interested in MBA candidates with extensive professional experience. It makes no sense to get an MBA if you can’t get a job afterward.

It is very tough to get into the top management colleges right out of college. Therefore, common sense puts out the idea that it is necessary to wait a few years before applying for your MBA. There are several reasons for this:

If you want to get into an elite program you need some experience first: For most colleges, the common age of MBA students proves that they are about five years out of an undergraduate degree. This is a course that has been growing. The common age of the incoming class of 2019 in top management college was 28 years and the common work experience was five years.

The most essential qualification MBA programs want to notice is an experience in leadership – something that can be challenging for students to have in their duties until they have been in the workforce for a few years. Some undergrads fill their extracurricular hours commencing their own business, but if you haven’t built a start-up in your additional time, do yourself a courtesy and get some professional experience.

Another reason to wait a few years before deciding to want to get an MBA is that the qualification isn’t forever necessary – so don’t lose you are time if you don’t need to.

When you do enter the workforce, you will get a more immeasurable idea of what you are looking for professionally; only by really enduring it will you see if a demanding path is right for you.

Learn a little more about the people already working in the world you are preparing to occupy and you might be excited, or you might change your mind and decide that you don’t need to get an MBA, or maybe your interests will change to a different program from the one you formerly had your eye on. Find the program that is best for you at the best time in your profession.

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