When Do You Need iPhone Battery Replacement in Vancouver?

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You may have been using your iPhone for a long time. If you are, you can suffer problems with your iPhone battery. If your battery is not functioning as promised by the manufacturer, it means you have a defective battery. If your iPhone is covered with a warranty, you can make the most of AppleCare+ to get it repaired. What if it’s not covered with the warranty? Will you still go with the option of Apple repair near meYou shouldn’t, in the latter case. The question is: How can you know if you need to replace your iPhone battery so that you can go to the nearest repair shop for your battery replacement in Vancouver?

What Can You Know about the Battery Replacement?

You can identify battery problems that you may be having with common sense. Why are we saying that? There are enough mobile applications (apps) and built-in tools to tell you if your battery needs replacement. Contingent on the cell phone and your technical knowledge, you can buy a battery or install it yourself. Or you can take your beloved iPhone to the nearest repair shop to get its battery replaced.

Comprehending Battery Life Spans:-

Different factors can affect your iPhone’s battery life; however, you can anticipate up to 500 complete charge cycles between 2 to 3 years of use before you notice a noteworthy decline in battery life and performance. As per Apple, the iPhones’ batteries retain around eighty percent (80%) of the normal capacity after they have gone through 500 charge cycles. Typically, you can uncover the specific number of charge cycles on the manufacturer’s website. Also, remember that the charge cycles are responsible for the normal operating conditions of your iPhone. If you leave your iPhone in a hotter environment in Vancouver for a long time or let it discharge completely before the recharge, it can lead to a shortening of your battery’s life, and it’s when you will need to consider battery replacement in Vancouver.

Bad Battery – How to Check?

There are common signs that will suggest you when you need to replace your battery. You may charge your battery to 100% to let it drain in only a few hours of usage, you may be unable to charge your battery to 100%, or you may need to keep your cell phone plugged with the charger to use it. You may also experience problems with your phone getting overheat after some usage or your iPhone may be shutting down or restarting for no reason. All of the preceding signs are an indication of a bad battery. Apple repair near me is an option that can work for you only if your iPhone battery is in warranty and in the condition for which you can get your battery replaced. Even if this option doesn’t work for you, consider paying a visit to the nearby repair shop that offers battery replacement for a reasonable price.

Deploying the Battery Health Tools:-

If you want to check your iPhone’s general health, you can use the battery health monitoring tool. If your iPhone is running the iOS 11.3 or later, you will find the ‘Battery” option in the ‘Settings App’ where you will need to tap ‘Battery Health’ to find out your iPhone’s maximum capacity and degraded performance. If you have an older iOS version, you can install the third-party mobile application (app), ‘Battery Life’, to know about the battery’s health.

Battery Replacement Options:-

If you have been using your iPhone for a year or less, you can check out your smartphone’s manufacturer warranty to get a free battery replacement in Vancouver if the defect has not come by your mistake. Otherwise, forget to expect getting your battery replaced for free. You can explore paid battery replacement options if your battery is out of warranty. Take your iPhone to Apple Store and get it replaced after paying some price for the replacement. If you are looking for the cheapest option, take your iPhone to one of the reputable repair shops in Vancouver to help you out with the battery replacement process.


You need to know the above things if you need to replace your iPhone battery in Vancouver. If your iPhone is in warranty and the fault with your battery has not come from your side, capitalize on AppleCare+ to get your battery replaced for free by making the most of the option, Apple repair near me. There are enough tools available these days that can guide you when you need to replace your battery. Usually, the iPhone batteries start to degrade after 2 to 3 years of usage, and battery life span is a thing that you need to know about. Different signs can tell you if you have a bad iPhone battery. Battery health tools can also aid you in finding out about the performance and life of your battery. Last but not least, pay a visit to an affordable and trustworthy iPhone battery replacement service if you cannot let your battery be replaced for free.

Cell Fixx (https://www.cellfixx.ca/) is a repair shop serving Burnaby, Vancouver, and Coquitlam areas that repair cell phones, tablets, and laptops.

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