What’s the necessity to choose Zoho One for your Organization?

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Business Software doesn’t have to cost the earth for small to midsize businesses (SMBs).
With so much on your plate, productivity is key. And to be more productive, you need tools to simplify and automate your work, rather than create more to do.That’s why Zoho delivers a single suite to run your entire business  and single license for all the apps.

What is Zoho One?

Zoho One is a unified business management suite consist of
  over 40+ applications with different functions to enable your business to grow and succeed. It offers tools for all areas of your business: sales, marketing, support, HR, accounting, and operations. Each of these tools is integrated into a single ecosystem, which is completely customizable, fully integrated with a suite of business apps-everything you need to manage & run your entire business.
No more juggling between apps.

Zoho One acts as an Operating System(OS) for your entire business.

Looking for essential productivity apps for your business?
What about if all the applications needed for your business are incorporated into a single software suite at a nominal cost?
Look no further! Zoho One is a single, affordable solution to manage and run your entire business.

What’s included in Zoho One?

Let’s take a look at the types of online tools Zoho provides.
Project management & collaboration tools
Zoho Projects: enables you to set project milestones, plan and track progress and collaborate on projects across teams to get things done. It brings all your work and task lists into one place where you can track, monitor, share, allocate team members and much more.
Zoho Showtime: have a presentation or project ideas to deliver to your team or customers? Through Zoho Showtime you can present your slide decks to audiences anywhere, interact with them and share your handouts and resources.
Zoho Meeting: is an online meeting and webinar platform. It allows you to meet online to discuss, present and collaborate from any location. Scheduling meetings, screen sharing and recording, replaying and sharing is all easily managed within the app.
Cliq: this is more than just an instant messaging tool. With the ability to organise conversations into channels and use text, voice or video calling functions, you can communicate instantly with quick and informal team messaging.
Zoho Connect: makes it easy for teams to work together, to share information and to collaborate closely – whether they are in the same room or in different countries.
Zoho Workdrive: is the online file management app for teams that work together. Workdrive makes document sharing simple. Store, organize work and manage your team files securely.
Zoho Vault: this is an online password manager for teams. No more storing your important passwords on spreadsheets or post-it notes; with Zoho Vault you stay organized while your passwords remain secure.
Event Management software
Zoho Backstage: this is event management software that helps you create everything you need – from website building, ticketing, event promotion, attendee registration and more.The easy to use drag and drop schedule builder, along with the ability to brand everything as your own means that you can easily engage with your delegates to leave a lasting impression.
Marketing tools
Zoho has everything you need to spread the word about your business!
MarketingHub: this is your one-stop shop for all your marketing activities across multiple channels. MarketingHub supports your business from lead generation and management through the website tracking, multi-channel marketing and analysis. This is a marketing automation software that really delivers results.
Zoho Campaigns: allows you to create, track and send email campaigns to your GDPR compliant list. You can build your audience using the double opt-in website forms, run targeted email campaigns with automated email sequences and access live reporting on everything that you create and send.
Zoho Social: is the perfect place to manage your businesses social media accounts. With the ability to plan and schedule posts across all platforms and see your content in a calendar style view you can ensure your audience are fully informed. The analytics allow you to view pre-built reports or build your own, so you can see the stats that really matter to your business.
SalesIQ Visitor Tracking: this is your business websites online live chat, visitor tracking and analytics tool rolled into one application. It is perfect for first class customer support and business growth. It integrates into Zoho CRM to provide visitor details and integrates with Google Ads to monitor ROI.
Zoho Survey: a fully branded survey is just a few clicks away with this easy to use application. Zoho Survey has over 25 question types and the drag and drop feature means that you can quickly create, share and analyse your surveys. With customisable reports and the ability to view results in real time, this application allows you to really engage with your audience.
Zoho Forms: create and share online forms, configure email alerts and efficiently manage your data for lead generation and customer engagement. You can integrate web-forms directly with your CRM and other Zoho Tools. Data captured from customers or employees can be stored either directly inside Zoho Forms or within other modules and applications.
Sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Zoho CRM : Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool for tracking and building customer relationships and accelerating sales; contacts, leads, partners, potentials or suppliers – you decide how to categorize everyone you add!CRM platforms let you easily manage, sort and search through all of your contacts and client conversations in one place. Many also include to-do lists and reminders to help you follow up with them.Zoho CRM does all this and more. It automates every aspect of your business, cutting out time-intensive, repetitive tasks.
Support tools
Zoho Desk: this allows you to deliver first class, consistent customer service. The ticketing system allows team members from across the company to work together to resolve issues. Trends and patterns can be monitored for continuous improvement.
Accounting tools
Zoho has a range of accounting tools available allowing you to simplify and automate the tracking of your business finances, then gain powerful insights and analysis.
Zoho Books: is easy-to-use, online accounting software that manages your businesses finances, VAT and sends professional quotes and invoices to clients. Zoho Books has bank account integration and fast reconciliation for credits and debits. You can track your expenses, categorize and bill them to your clients all from one place.
Zoho Invoice: this is online invoicing software that helps you craft professional invoices, automatically send payment reminders and get paid faster online.
Zoho Checkout: allows you to accept payments anytime online. You can build a secure payment page without writing a single line of code. Then make your payment page your own, where you can fine-tune the look and feel of the page to offer your customers seamless brand experience. Zoho Checkout enables you to take one-time or recurring transactions, taking the hassle out of collecting payments.
Analytics Tools
Zoho Analytics: offers Business Intelligence, reporting and analytics software. At Creative Analysis we can develop dynamic dashboards which pull data from any Zoho application into one usable location, giving you key insights at your fingertips from every function of your business.
As you can see, the possibilities of using online tools are endless!

With a huge range of apps available, Zoho really is the only tool you need to run and grow your business.

Would you like to cut your software expenses from $350 per month to $30 per month? Wanna save money on the apps and tools it takes to run your business?  
Look no further! Zoho One is an essential one for your business.

Summing it up

Nowadays many businesses have opted for Zoho One, then G-Suite, Salesforce or other competitors. The reason is that no other platform offers all the applications needed to manage and run your business under one roof with an affordable package. All applications on Zoho One come with enterprise features, giving you everything you need to grow sales, market your business, do your accounting, communicate with teammates and customers, and much more.
Switch from multiple applications to a comprehensive solution.
If you’re decided to go with Zoho One for your business needs, you might have a question like this.
Is Zoho One fit for my business? How Zoho One automate my business process?

We have an answer for you. Kindly check it out here.

If you have any other tool that is better than Zoho One,let me know in the comment section.


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