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The Dynamics 365 Business Central is the complete one-stop management solution for all businesses both medium-sized and small. It gives organizations the opportunity to automate their business operations and helps in the faster growth of their businesses.

Here we have listed the features of the Dynamics 365 Business Central that are planned to be released between April 2021 and September 2021. This topic lists features that have not yet been published, the delivery deadline may change, and potential effectiveness may not be revealed.  For more information, go to Microsoft Gold Partner Policy.

Wave 1 of the Dynamics 365 2021 Release Plan

Microsoft Gold Partner is an organisation that has agreed to establish a close working relationship with Microsoft. 

For a list of earlier wave release plans, go to Plan 2020 Release Wave 2. In the General Availability column, the feature will be provided within the listed months.  The delivery date can be any day in that month.  The published features display the full date, including the release date.

This checkmark indicates which features have been published for public preview or initial access and public preview, initial access, and general availability.

2021 Release Wave 1 Overview

The 2021 release of Dynamics 365 Wave 1 brings innovations that give tecou essential skills to transform your business.  The release features hundreds of new features across Dynamics 365 applications, including marketing, sales, customer service, field services, finance, supply chain management, human resources, commerce, fraud protection, business centres, customer insights, and customer’s voice.


Dynamics 365 focuses on providing deeper personalisation and more channels to engage and reach your customers with the right messages, including built-in analytics dashboards and cross-travel insights to improve marketing results and achieve your business goals.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central focuses on providing more access to data-driven insights to increase productivity and help decision-makers for salespeople.  Search for many exciting updates to the mobile app for automation and sequencing, conversation intelligence updates, and enhancing the mobile experience for search vendors.


Dynamics 365 business central transforms the communications centre by providing intelligent universal routing across customer service channels.  The all-in-one communication centre will be shipped with a logistic and integrated first-party voice and chat solution to enable customers to get up and running faster.

Dynamics 365 offers a wide range of field service experience for customers who allow self-scheduled service and rate technicians to ensure maximum satisfaction.  Other investments in 2021 Release Wave 1 include streamlined onboarding experience, extensive customer engagement, and extensive resourcing options.

Money and Operations

Dynamics 365 Finance provides universal pre-intelligent cash flow with automation based on predictive results.  Users gain a buy-of-the-box machine learning experience, including when customers are predicted to pay, budgets are reviewed, real accounts payable, receivables, project transactions, and expected cash positions reviewed based on expected results.

Dynamics 365 business central expands into a single, organization-wide source provider inventory and logistical situation of truth for inventory quantities, including supply chain management inventory visibility add-ins.  In asset management, customers will be able to pay bills for maintenance work.  The production combines performance with cloud-scale units to run mission-critical processes without interruption. Customers using Dynamics 365 project service automation will be able to upgrade to project operations.

The Dynamics 365 Guide focuses on intelligent workflows.  By taking more advantage of captured data with HoloLens and AI innovations, users can work and ensure their results faster and easier than ever before.  Also, the new entity for the completion period enables customers to create automated flows of power that support their unique enterprise needs.

Industry Accelerators is a component based on the Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 that enables ISV and other solution providers to create vertical solutions in the industry quickly.  Accelerators expand the Common Data Model to include new entities to support data schemas for concepts within specific industries.

Overview Of Human Resources

Dynamics 365 Business Central Human Resources will broaden the Human Capital Management (HCM) ecosystem through integration APIs and strategic partnerships.  Employees’ experience extends the integrated approach to employee benefits to support notifications and brief statements of services.

Details Of Trade and Fraud Protection

Dynamics 365 brings to market an integrated B2B and B2C e-commerce solution with a single trade solution with unified merchandising and site management capabilities that enable broad business models across industries and verticals.  Trade extends domestic integration with customer service and virtual power agents and commercial search for Bing for product search to integrate business processes across pre-purchase and post-purchase situations.

Dynamics 365 adds fraud protection behaviour and mobile fingerprints, improving the accuracy of fraud management rules.


Dynamics 365 Business Central provides new features designed to simplify and improve the way our partners manage tenants and administrators manage licensing and permissions.  Application enhancements extend integration with the Microsoft team, adding country and regional expansions and incorporating steps into the Visual Studio Code to provide modern developer tools, further enhancing developers’ productivity.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Audience Insights Abilities enable each organisation to assemble and understand their customer data for intelligent insights and activities.  Audience insights are adding customer view customisation and extensibility skills, additional connectors for data inclusion, better control for AI-based integration, and the ability to drive personalized engagement across channels of marketing, sales, and service professionals. Intuition Insights capabilities enable unique and holistic interactive analysis at the touchpoints of the web, mobile, and connected product customer travel.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales forecasting, we’ve launched a set of skills that enable companies to create and manage sales forecasts locally at the bottom to drive accountability and forecasting in their sales process.


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