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What you need to know before visiting Kiev?

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Without a doubt, there are some issues with Ukraine which can seem to be too much to actually visit it as a tourist. But we can assure you that what you hear in the news is too much. Yes, there are some safety precautions but following certain tips, you can easily experience the essence of Kiev without any trouble. You can even search for Kiev female guides to show you around. Tour guides in Kiev for sure know how to keep you safe.

There are things to cover regarding safety. You have to be prepared for the unknown when traveling pretty much anywhere. Thus, we will disclose the most important safety tips when visiting Kiev.

Your baggage

Do not put anything valuable stuff into your baggage if you plan to fly, even though the baggage is locked. Everything that is valuable should be with you all the time in a carry-on. It can sound a bit disturbing but there are some reports when passengers complain about stolen items from their luggage, thus to avoid that we would recommend either locking the luggage with a lock or do not even put anything valuable in the luggage.

Safety box fraud

Avoid any strong boxes or safe boxes in hotels because some employees tend to empty them. It can sound a bit over the top, but despite that, there are no problems with hotel employees whatsoever.

Unlicensed fraudulent taxi drivers

In some cases, taxi drivers can be rude and unfair. Do not pay in advance and decide the cost of the trip beforehand. There are unlicensed taxi drivers as well who lock your luggage in their trunks and extort money. That is why we recommend finding a tour guide straight away when you visit Kiev. They will know with whom you should go, even if it is going to be a taxi scammer, most likely the tour guide will be experienced with it and will deal with it straight away.

Corruption in highways

Be aware of police, there are rumors that corruption is an issue in Kiev, of course, police is considered as help but in Kiev police can demand money while claiming that you broke the law even though you didn’t. In the past few years, the situation is much better but there are still reports occurring from time to time, so be aware. In our research, we found out that 90% of the corruption occurred while traveling by car. Either on the highway or somewhere on rural roads. So if you are not planning to drive – you should be completely fine. Policemen who patrol by foot tend to be really friendly and helpful.

Other thieves and scammers

Most capitals across the world have multiple foreigners that are trying their best to make a living from fraud which is no difference in Kiev. Including the fact that the fraudulent activity can be seen by locals as well. Pickpocketing is probably the most popular activity in Kiev. Also avoid scams, one of the scams is when there is a wallet dropped in the middle of the road. If you find one just leave it be and walk away due to the fact that if you are going to pick it up scammers will occur asking for money.

Be stubborn

We are not going to lie, tourists do get robbed. But just on particular occasions. Tourists sometimes get pickpocketed while they are completely wasted and show off their money. It sounds like something from the movie but it is true. If you are having a great time in the pub, especially if you are doing so in a pub that is not even in a city center it could be that there are people who are interested in robbing you. Yes, it sounds harsh but they will never rob a sober person. They are looking for an easy pick, thus if you are not one they will leave you alone.


There are sketchy neighborhoods that you should avoid. Stay in tourist-friendly neighborhoods to avoid any problems, we cannot emphasize this enough, it is quite important to stick to this advice.   All in all Kiev is facing some rough times but it doesn’t mean that travelers are not welcome or you will be doomed there. Most of the places in Kiev are still completely capable of welcoming foreigners, thus feel free to come and witness it in your own eyes. In this article, we’ve covered the main concerns regarding Kiev safety and what to be aware of. We hope we managed to provide insightful information which will help you during your stay in Kiev. If you are interested in visiting Kiev and doing it safely. As mentioned before we highly recommend finding a great partner and a guide while visiting this city. Thus, feel free to visit for great Kiev guides!
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