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Everyone wants their brand to be the next big thing but today’s market is already saturated with innovative products. So, how to accomplish this? Don’t worry! We have carried out comprehensive brainstorming to help you choose what to sell on your eCommerce Store. Below are 5 effective approaches to determine what to sell online.

5 effective ways to choose what to sell on eCommerce Store

Identify the problems and build/discover their solutions

Practically, it’s not worth it to think of a good idea. All you can do is, you can identify the common problems around you and create solutions for them. It’s beneficial as the higher demand generates larger sales.  Now sell these solutions as your products.

1.     Look around yourself and sell solutions to the most common needs

Now the question is, where to start doing identifying problems from? So, you always have to look around your own life first when determining the things that need solutions.

 For example, how did we find the need for headphones? Let’s take an example of a customer support service office.  To be able to do multi-tasking, while computing, the professionals need headphones to communicate with the customers. Thus, the headphones let them communicate easily without involving the need for hands to hold the receiver/telephone.

 Now, just look at most of the eCommerce stores. Many of them are selling such gadgets and earning a lot of profits. The reason behind their success? They detected a problem and started selling their solution patterns.

2.     Don’t always look for bigger solutions

It’s not vital that the product you choose has to be a huge thing. Plus, it does not have to be a complicated endeavor to accomplish. It can be simple yet unique.  No wonder a small unique product can generate a large volume of sales than the bigger ones.

3.     Unique product positioning and marketing

Many sellers might not be familiar with the term unique product positioning and marketing. However, as the name implies, this is a strategy to display your products in the most impact way possible. It is all about standing out and be unique.

 The goal is to capture your audience’s attention and sustain it for as long as possible. Thus, in other words, it revolves around declaring a brand’s uniqueness in the market.

 Now the thing is, how to create unique product positioning. To accomplish this, you need to analyze the following with a broader vision.

        Who is your specific target audience?

        What unique value does your products or services give to them?

        Why are you different from or better than your competitors?

Who is your specific target audience?

First of all, analyze what audience you aim to target? What age group do they belong to? What is the gender of the targeted audience? What are their interests? Then pick out the interest that is trending widely. 

 What uniqueness do your products/services deliver to them?

There is nothing special if you’re selling the trending product. You must have to stand out in the market to ensure sales. To achieve this, you can incorporate uniqueness into the trending products. However, you can choose from the following two options to go unique:

        Go for attaching a unique service to your products.

        Add a unique feature to your product.

 Why are you different from or better than your competitors?

Consider the following scenario to stand out from your competitors. For example, your ecommerce store sells software products. Suppose, you’re selling the same software that your competitors do.


So, additionally, you can offer software maintenance services for absolutely free. This additional advantage will attract shoppers. This is how you’re serving your shoppers with the extra benefits that your competitors do not.

4.     Innovate the existing products

Not every time you have to go for a product that requires its creation from scratch. You can go for the approach of placing the missing pieces of the puzzle.

 This means that you can produce an upgraded version of an existing product. Simply identify the meaningful product changes and build a newer version of it.

 A very common example is a beauty product that is harmful to the skin. You can reproduce it under the proper dermatological process and sell it as a safe product.

 Another idea would be an innovative pizza cutter. Image scissors having a flat spoon attached to one of its blades. Now you can think of cutting pizza in a way that the flat spoon holds its slice and scissors make the cut. Seems easy, yes? This gadget would involve only one hand to cut and take out a pizza slice without any mess.

5.     A product that is old but unfamiliar within your market

This approach is applicable when you have your online presence already and most of the shoppers are from your region. They might not shop from others once they trust your brand.

You can take advantage of this scenario and sell products that already exist but your shoppers are not familiar with. This strategy will help you generate sales through your eCommerce store if you have a good number of potential customers.

At this stage, you must have chosen the right product(s). Now the next step is how to join the eCommerce market to earn money by selling online.

How to create an online eCommerce store to sell the chosen product?

We are sure, you must have chosen your product wisely by now. Now you’re all set to enter the eCommerce world. You can win the race with many website builders. You can create an online store with any online platform that supports eCommerce.

 Therefore, here we present you with some options for building the eCommerce store. Well, Woo Commerce/WordPress and Magneto are the common options but they require some proper skillset to set up. So launching a store online with them is not a walk in the park.

 This is why website builders are a good option for new entrepreneurs. So, here is one eCommerce platform that is widely used i.e. 3S Cart. This software is an ultimate, easy-to-use, yet comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes to sell products online. Wherein, its high-end features are amazing to cover all aspects of eCommerce smoothly. Also, it has its mobile apps as well. Well, what the community likes the most about it is, you don’t have to exclusively install any add-ons or plugins with 3S Cart. Everything is pre-done! However, the process doesn’t end here. It gives you marketing tools as well to enhance your online presence. Hence, you can choose this software to build your eCommerce store quickly and easily. Besides, you can visit its website for more info.

 So, this is all! Hope that it helped you in finding the right products and the right platform for creating your eCommerce store. If it helped you, let us know in the comments below.



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