What Makes Aastha Fertility As The Best IVF Center In Jaipur?

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If you also have been facing a lot of infertility problems, and have got no solutions which are giving you desired results, and because of this you have been under a lot of stress and are emotionally exhausted. Don’t worry any more as Aastha Fertility center gets you all the solutions dealing with infertility under a single roof.  The IVF center in Jaipur started its services in 2005,and IVF specialist , Dr. Namita Kotia the head and founder of the IVF clinic and since then she with her team has been working hard and making dreams come true of various patients by giving them the beautiful experience of parenthood. 

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The IVF hospital in Jaipur  has all the advanced medical facilities, treatments and a highly experienced team of doctors which can deal with any cause of infertility and can cure it successfully. The patients who go through infertility treatments in Aastha Fertility clinic have always been highly satisfied and happy by the results which are provided by the IVF clinic. The IVF center in Jaipur  is even known for the beautiful, giving, nurturing environment they provide all their patients who are going through IVF  treatments. The IVF hospital  in Jaipur  has been for more than 16 years now, and they have successfully managed to build their name and reputation and they have been declared as the best IVF center of Jaipur city. 

Different services provided by Aastha Fertility care-

All the infertility services which help in diagnosing the cause of infertility or the treatments which are required by a patient going through infertility are provided by Aastha Fertility care. The center has a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of doctors which help all the patients successfully going through infertility. The IVf clinic in Jaipur is known for the emotional support they provide their patients throughout their treatments. The hospital specializes in IVF treatments and has solved a lot of issues using In Vitro fertilization. The IVF success rate of the hospital is around 90% , the hospital has always managed to satisfy their patients with the results. Following are some of the services which are provided by Aastha Fertility care-


a) Counseling-

The IVF center jaipur provides their patients with an open and confidential environment where the patients can discuss their infertility issues openly with the doctors. The IVF specialist  then does a deep analysis over the issues and then they conclude decisions and decide the further steps that one should take. 

b) Diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy-

Hysteroscopy is when is used for diagnosis is a procedure through which the IVf doctor  can see inside the uterus to find the cause of infertility and also to cure excessive bleeding. 

Operative hysteroscopy is done by inserting a hysteroscope and C02 or gas is inserted to expand the uterus and then the surgery is performed. It is a major surgery with a high recovery rate but is very helpful and effective in curing infertility. 

c) Laparoscopy-

Laparoscopy is a very small surgery in which two incisions are made around the belly button area to check and unblock the fallopian tube area or other causes. 

d) In Vitro Fertilization-

The most popular treatment for infertility, which aims to fertilize the sperm with the egg outside the patient’s body, in an artificial environment, generally in a laboratory  or a hospital. 

e) IUI (Intrauterine insemination)-

The process in which the sperm is placed in the cervix of a woman during her ovulation time. This process is idle for people dealing with fallopian tube damages and blockages. 

f) Sperm cryopreservation-

This is the process to preserve the sperms of the patients who are unable to ejaculate or for the patients who are going through cancer therapy. So that the sperm can be used in conception, by the couple  in future.  

g) Embryo Cryopreservation- 

This process is generally used to save the extra embryos which are formed during IVF procedure. This is also preferred when the inner lining is not ready to receive the embryo and has to be saved for later. 


Why choose Aastha Fertility clinic-

The IVF clinic was started in 2005, by Dr. Namita Kotia and her team and since then they have been working day and night to fulfill every couple’s dream of being a parent. The  IVF hospital deals their patients problems at priority and the treatment is extremely confidential. They have dealt with a lot of infertility issues using IVF procedure. A lot of real time testimonials can be seen on their official website which is given by the patients who went through treatments in Aastha Fertility care. People from all over the world have been discussing their infertility solution with the highly experienced IVF doctors of Aastha Fertility care. The IVF center in Jaipur  has been delivering a lot of effective results with a lot of cost friendly solutions. The cost of IVF is 3000 dollars for the patients who are NRIs or are out of India, while the IVF cost for Indian patients is around 80,000 INR.

“Madhu, a patient of Aastha Fertility care, is extremely happy and thankful to Aastha Fertility care and Dr. Namita Kotia as she could experience motherhood with the help of doctors. She has been blessed with twin daughters.”



The IVF hospital has bagged a lot of awards on various occasions, for their great work in treating infertility on various medical conferences and other occasions by a lot of prominent personalities. One can easily book an online counseling session with the doctors or can directly walk down to the hospital which is located in C- scheme, Jaipur to discuss their infertility issues. For getting more information about the IVF center in  Jaipur  and the different services provided by the hospital one can directly check it out on https://aasthafertility.com/ and book your appointments today.


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