What is the Difference Between Content Writing vs Copywriting?

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Content is the ultimate way to build a connection with your audience in the first place. Also, to retain and strengthen the relationship so that no competitor could take your place in the longer run. Here comes the need to understand the difference between content writing vs. copywriting to get out the most from each of them. Being belonging to the same family content, they seem to be similar. However, that’s not the case, and they are entirely different from one another.

Even though there are various differences; however, the most distinguishing aspect is the purpose behind these forms of content.

Thereby, to help you understand the key differences, we break down their differences to help you compete in the digital marketing world.

Firstly, start with their purpose.

Purpose of Copywriting

It is meant for selling. Copywriters are responsible for making people take action with their copy. Thus, copywriting turns call-to-actions into real actions such as signup, download, buy, shop, enroll, subscribe, or share.

In short, the major focus of copywriting is on meeting direct, short-term goals leading to huge returns. It deals with generating sales. Thus, it is done for sales letters, email pitches, ads, website copy, product descriptions, and PPC landing pages.

Purpose of Content Writing

On the other hand, content writing’s primary purpose is to educate or inform your customers and hook them up to keep visiting your site. It deals with informative, value-adding content, which is also engaging and as per your target audience’s interest. This is the best way to build connections with your customers by consistently presenting them meaningful insights via blogs.

Here, we must clear one thing, long before, there was only copywriting. Content writing has come with the advent of blogs and the accelerating digital marketing pace. Content writing is usually done for blogs, social media posts, guest posts, books, white papers, how-to guides or manuals.

Now comes the key differences between the two.

Content Writing vs Copywriting Differences

Copywriting focuses Instant Sales, Content Writing focuses Future Sales

With catchy headlines and highly attention-grabbing content, copywriting triggers emotional responses to make instant sales. Conversely, content writing does not include to sell products or services directly, even though its end goal is to generate sales but after making relations with customers with valuable content.

SEO Knowledge and Implementation

Digital marketing has become more effective than traditional marketing due to its cost-effectiveness and results-driven approach. So here comes SEO. For copywriting, it is good to have a basic knowledge of SEO because web landing pages are also a part of copywriting.

However, content writers must have in-depth knowledge about SEO and how it works. To do so, content writers usually enroll in content writing courses to learn how to write SEO-optimized content. Because without SEO knowledge, one cannot be at the top of the search engine.

Length of the Content

The shorter it is, the more catchy it would be, and there would be more chances for gaining maximum eyeballs. This is considered a winning strategy for writing converting copy. This is why ads are kept short, and billboards content is most concise. Likewise, taglines having minimal content win the marketing game.

However, content writing is entirely different. The longer content is, the better it would be. You can better comprehend and provide value to people in longer content. Also, it increases the understanding of the reader.

The greatest distinction between copywriting and content writing lies in its purpose. Copywriting is selling your personas on your brand; content writing is subtly telling them about it while delivering valuable content. Copywriting is the art of selling people on an idea, brand, or ideology.

Apart from this, when content is long, you can easily add keywords and get rid of keyword stuffing. For content writing, content is long, and for copywriting, it is short.

Examples of Content Writing and Copywriting

Copywriting includes ads, whether print, social or electronic media, web page content, video scripts, sales letters, taglines and slogans, catalogs, direct mail, and billboards.

On the other hand, content writing includes blogs, articles, books, podcasts, films, press releases, release notes, white papers, podcasts, and print magazines.

It Sums Up

Conclusively, content and copy are both essential in their way. You cannot neglect anyone because both are important and are used at different stages. However, the end goal for both copywriting and content writing is to maximize the return on investment. Copywriting does it directly, while content writing follows a long-term strategy.

Thereby, it is better to analyze your requirements first and then decide you need to hire a copywriter or a content writer. Sometimes, writers are well-equipped to cater the both. However, it becomes difficult for a content writer to keep it short. Likewise, the same goes for the copywriter to elongate it without losing quality.

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