What is the development of hybrid mobile applications?

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What is the development of hybrid mobile applications?

While sharing with our clients and our prospects, some wonder what the various ways of improving it are during the process of contemplation and before the beginning of the development of a mobile application.

I am trying to answer their questions in this article by being as clear as possible.

In short, there are two ways to build a mobile application: Native & Hybrid, there are also two ways to create a hybrid application: native hybrid & web hybrid.

I somewhat use the new terminologies, but I’m trying to qualify them.

Production of the native:

Native development of an application means developing with Apple or Google’s suggested programming language.

– Swift or Objective-c for the development of an iOS application.

– Java to build an Android program.

The biggest drawback is the expense of this development when it comes to designing the application for both iOS and Android, as 2 developer profiles, iOS-specialized developers, and Android-specific developers would need to be developed twice.


Developing Hybrids:

Hybrid production could be the solution when it comes to client budget limitations or deadlines. You no longer need to use two developer profiles to build an application on iOS & Android; a single development is enough for the same application on iOS and Android. I differentiate the 2 models of hybrid growth, and the nuance is significant.

Web application hybrid:

In fact, an application made in a “web” hybrid is more like a mobile site, of course more streamlined, as user requirements are not the same in terms of interactivity and interface responsiveness while on an application.

The reality remains that the application is created and then “packaged” in an application using the same web technologies (the icon that lets you launch the app).

At DzMob, we did not choose this direction because it provides less optimal performance even though advancements in web technologies such as Ionic Framework now allow very sensitive interfaces to be created similar to the native or the native hybrid that I explain below.

Production as a hybrid native:

A combination between the 2 modes is the native hybrid. We only build once and the application is generated on both operating systems, but above all, the generated UI is exactly the same as a native application. This isn’t HTML.

React Native (from Facebook), Appcelerator Titanium (among the pioneers and very mature), Xamarin (Acquired by Microsoft), Native Script are among the technologies that make it: (from Telerik, very popular).

When it comes to optimizing the budget and/or saving time on some specific projects, this model is also preferred over native development: salon application is a frequent case with a reasonably short deadline.

Compared to native ones, the problems of hybrid technology are above all long-term sustainability, the group for potential project maintenance or on some very specific issues and the incorporation of SDKs or third-party solutions (mobile app monitoring, segmented drive, analytical solutions, retargeting, etc.) often less easy than native ones.


If you have a mobile application plan and this article has facilitated you explain things and you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the site of our maven digital App Development Solution!. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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