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What is Reiki therapy? What are its benefits and effects

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Reiki therapy focuses on healing through the use of energy. The meaning of Reiki  is basically “universal life energy”. This concept is based on the idea that energy flows through all living things, but when the energy flow is interrupted, a person may begin to feel discomfort or experience a period of stress.

This is a natural remedy, performed by practitioners who have received training in the energy flow of the earth. Practitioners are trained by a master who helps students adjust their energy and then uses this energy to heal others.

This approach adopts a holistic approach. The therapist does not simply focus on specific parts of the body, but heals the spirit and spirit of the body. The goal is to rebalance the energy of the patient.

During a typical treatment, the doctor will put his hands on or on the client. Patients can choose sitting or lying position treatment. This process is thought to rebalance the individual’s energy, promote health and relaxation.

What kind of diseases can Reiki help to recover from?

Reiki can be used as a treatment method for various complaints. It is mainly used as a supplementary therapy scenario, which can help produce feelings of anxiety, isolation and even depression. Pregnant women may find that this therapy can soothe, while others might use it to help treat their impact on tobacco cessation or alcohol.

The amount of treatment required varies from person to person, depending on their individual circumstances. However, patients should be prepared to receive multiple treatments, because treatment is a treatment process.

What do I need to do when receiving Reiki healing ?

Generally speaking, people who receive Reiki healing do not need to do anything during the healing process, and can live and move normally. Similarly, no matter what postures are taken (standing, sitting, lying down), it does not affect the energy reception. Of course, if you want to better feel the energy, you can choose to find a comfortable and quiet place to sit or lie down, relax your body and mind, and feel the energy quietly.

Reiki healing can be done in person or remotely, and there will be no difference in healing effects between the two. Because the operation of natural energy transcends time and space, whether it is receiving Reiki energy healing in person or remotely, the effect will not be different. Because I live in a foreign country, many of the Reiki healing cases I have done so far have been done remotely, and the feedback has been good.

Compared with many other healing methods, Reiki healing has another special feature in that it can heal the person without telling the other person. Of course, in this case, the healing effect may appear fast or slow, but it must be effective. In this case, please be aware of yourself: helping the other party to sign up is purely to help the other party, and these help will only be shown in the best interest of the other party; not to control the other party, hope The other party can change according to their own expectations.

How will I feel in Reiki therapy?

Most recipients of Reiki will feel an overall feeling of calm and happiness, but some people report feeling warm, tingling sensations or seeing colors. Although some people report that they have headaches or flu-like symptoms, few negative reactions are reported.

Patients should remember that the practitioners in the treatment have not received formal training and the practice is not regulated. The therapist has not received diagnostic training and it is recommended to seek medical advice before receiving treatment.

Increase energy flow

Reiki practitioners believe that there is an invisible life energy flowing around each of us. When we are sick and have physical or mental health symptoms, it is often because our life energy is low. The practice of Reiki is believed to increase this life force, thereby improving our health and life experience. This sweeping action is similar to the “laying of hands” seen in other spiritual practices.

Choosing the right reiki practitioner

Because there are almost no regulations for the training of Reiki practitioners, it is important that you use a reputable source to ensure that you find a qualified person. Please contact us by her phone number. She will accept a mental health treatment program that will allow you to receive the services and treatments that are most beneficial to you. Call now to order.

Mystical prayer

 Roland Inauen, the director of culture of the state, said that Reiki medicine in the region has a history of hundreds of years.

Normally, the person in need of treatment calls a Reiki therapist and tells his symptoms. The therapist began to pray for relief. Sometimes therapists are also required to treat animals, which often happens in Swiss farms.

Unclear boundaries

The difference between traditional spiritualists and some harmful warlocks is not very big, said Dieter Sträuli, head of the non-profit consulting organization Infosekta and a former psychologist at the University of Zurich. This advisory organization specializes in helping victims of sects and cults to get rid of negative influences. Sometimes his team will encounter some more active and dangerous Reiki masters who believe that their functions can help patients relieve pain.

“We meet Reiki healers or some masters more and more often, practicing medicine in small villages, and suddenly they will have a lot of followers,” Sträuli said: “At the beginning, everything was normal. They Organize seminars or practice meditation together. But suddenly, all the people who come have become their followers, and the masters have more and more restrictions on followers.”

Sträuli gave an example of a self-named therapist who suppressed his followers and asked them to do housework for themselves until someone responded to Infosekta. Some of these followers were mentally affected and even needed psychological counseling.

Risks, side effects and dangers

People receiving Reiki therapy is not running any health risks. In extreme cases, it will not affect them. If they are receiving medical, naturopathic or psychological treatment at the time of application, they should definitely continue to receive: Reiki also supports their health-promoting effects. However, the effectiveness of pain and anesthetics may be reduced due to the meditation effect of raising awareness . Reiki customers should absolutely avoid using crystals at the same time because their energy storage properties can sensitively interfere with the healing process. Is considered as a special feature is the so-called water Reiki, Reiki treatment of one carried out in warm water.

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