What is Lean Six Sigma Certification?

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The first question that arises in our curious mind is what exactly Six Sigma is? How is lean Six Sigma Certification exactly going to help? Why would one look forward to getting certified in this?


If anyone can procure a letter Certification to one’s CV, it manifests their commitment to raising their business discernment and analytical skills, as well as facilitating the rise of the business one works for. The principles of Six Sigma has found its implementation across a wide range of aspects in industries worldwide and showing positive results, including organizations such as Amazon, Credit Suisse, Bank of America, Boeing, Ford Motor Company, General Electric, Sears, Starwood Hotels, 3M, Ford, GE, McKesson, Johnson Controls, GEICO, the United States Army and Marines and many more organizations. 


Origination of Six Sigma 

The origination of Six Sigma took place in 1986 by Bill Smith, an engineer in Motorola. It was then used by Jack Welch in 1995, implementing Six Sigma as the central component of General Electric’s business strategy. 


Walter Shewhart initiated applied maths internal control (SQC) and conjointly came up with the Do Check Act (PDCA) model (also at times referred to as the Shewhart Cycle).


After World War II, Edwards Deming worked in Japan and played an essential role in carving quality control in Japanese manufacturing. Some of his popular contributions are the development of sampling techniques used by various Department of Census alongside the unit of United States Labor department within the US.


Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher, “the single most vital figure in 20th-century statistics.” His work popularized several applied math techniques nowadays, including student’s t-distribution, F-distribution, and various works, among others.


What is Six Sigma?

Well, well clearing all the air of doubts and queries- Six Sigma is a set of management tools and techniques meant to make use of in business processes by greatly eliminating the likelihood that miscalculation or defects can occur and guaranteeing quality. 


What is Six Sigma Certification?

The Six Sigma Certification helps the professionals having skills in risk management, miscalculation, and defect management in a business. It helps them resolve the errors and miscalculation and helps them obliterate them. This certification can help one to become a connoisseur of improvement and will enhance one’s cogency.


Companies generally prefer to invest in lean Six Sigma Certification because it offers a designed and structured set of tools and techniques that can recognize errors and help in enhancing various processes within an organization.


The categorization of Six Sigma Certification is of the following levels:  

·         White Belt 

·         Yellow Belt 

·         Green Belt 

·         Black Belt, and 

·         Master Black Belt. 


The following bodies, like the American Society for Quality (ASQ), are eligible for authorization of the Six Sigma certification.

  • White Belt: The Six Sigma white belt represents the basic level of certification, indicating that you know basic concepts and the minimal level of information about the Six Sigma. They can assist in the change of management in a particular organization as well as participate in the local problem-solving teams that would be supporting specific projects.
  • Yellow Belt: The individual possessing the Six Sigma yellow belt has the elementary knowledge of Six Sigma concepts but is not directly involved in leading any projects on their own. The key role of this certificate holder is supporting all the development of problem-solving teams concerning the projects.
  • Green Belt: The green belt in Six Sigma Certification symbolizes that the person has a clear understanding of the advanced analysis and is capable of leading and handling their project by themselves. They can assist the Six Sigma black belt with data collection and analysis based on their certification.
  • Black Belt: The person certified with black belt certification has a good in-depth understanding of the concepts of Six Sigma, including the five primary stages of Six Sigma- define, measure, analyze, improve and control(DMAIC) model.
  • Master Black Belt: This certification is the declaration key to the top of the Six Sigma Certification levels. They are the experts who mainly strategize the whole process and train and act as consultants for the black belt and green belt.


Why get lean Six Sigma Certification?

The crucial point to keep in mind in this is chiefly going to help one to enrich their career as this certificate helps you to give credibility about your commitment towards helping in the interest of the person’s business with your expertise and statistical analytical skills.


Benefits of Six Sigma Certification as an individual:

Here are a few reasons listed to get Six Sigma Certification as an individual:

  1. These certificates are going to help the business structure to minimize the risks and obliterate defects and miscalculation.
  2. You can easily analyze and get a better understanding of how quality performance is getting affected due to the current operation.
  3. It is going to add great value to your curriculum vitae. On attaining the green belt, you are eligible for becoming a change agent in any industry in discrete of the field. In short, it adds and increases your overall value.
  4. In the past few years, Six Sigma has set it’s standards way too high. So, very few organizations and vendors apply the Six Sigma standards while assessing their products. The Six Sigma green belt can make contracts with such kind of organizations or vendors.
  5. You can get promoted to managerial posts with clear analytical skills and clear visions of financial management skills approved by the Six Sigma Certification.
  6. The amount of dedication and years a person puts to get the Six Sigma Certification pays it’s worth. Meaning Six Sigma certified gets paid a promising amount of money. They are like among the highest-paid white-collar jobs all around the globe.
  7. At the end of the list, comes the most important part, that is the experience. Getting live experience on the industry projects helps you to get better job opportunities. 


The benefits of lean Six Sigma Certification as an organization:

In 1995, American businessman Jack Welch applied Six Sigma as one of the central components to General Electric’s business procedures. After that, many companies started implementing the same in their businesses. Here are a few reasons listed to get Six Sigma Certification as an organization:

  1. The organizations that lack space can put the analytical skill of Six Sigma Certification to good use, which directly results in less productivity. The certified person can develop a plan that can increase productivity by optimizing in the small space.
  2.  It can be cost-effective. The detailed analysis can help obliterate the defects, and that can minimize the help minimize the waste. Minimization of waste helps cost reduction and increases profits
  3.  It can help uplift the belief of your customers in your business. It can eradicate all the futile technical problems faced by customers leaving a satisfied customer.
  4.  It helps investors and stakeholders gain trust if the employees of a company have great and furnished qualifications.
  5.  It helps the companies lessen their employee turnover and training costs resulting from the plan laid by the Six Sigma Certification holders.


The above article clarifies the importance of lean Six Sigma Certification for an individual and an organization. With all the competition going in around the world, Six Sigma Certification does add some real value to your curriculum vitae, making you highlighting personnel. While if you are on the other side of the table, hiring people to help you in your business, opting for Six Sigma Certification, does relieve stress. 


You shouldn’t waste time and grab your known Six Sigma Certification, which will help you rise above the competition in the world and grab a good white-collar job with a promising salary.

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