What is Hair Bonding and Hair Weaving- Are They Good Option to Recover Baldness?

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Although losing hair as we get older is perfectly normal, we feel incomplete while walking bald. Thanks to the various hair care companies that came up with various hair treatment and replacement methods. From the numerous techniques, hair weaving and hair bonding are the two most popular artificial hair treatments. These methods are non-surgical and way too easy to create a new version of your style. By the way, do you know what these two methods are? Forget it. Let’s dig deeper about them together. 

What Is Hair Bonding?


New, better and fresh hairstyle after bonding your hair


Hair bonding is the technique of using an adhesive to attach hair extensions to your natural hair. It’s usually a rubber-based adhesive that you can get from a beauty supply store or a drugstore. This treatment is usually popular among adult men who suffer from baldness. The glue used for attaching hair weft is skin-friendly and safe to use.  


Following are the simple steps involved in replacing your hair using the hair bonding method;


Step 1: Apply hair spray and gel to secure your natural hair in place. Then shave the bald patch and make sure that it is completely clean. You can apply other products to enhance the result. Dry it with a hairdryer to make it completely dry.


Step 2: Once the patch is dry, measure its area and prepare the hair weft accordingly. Then apply the adhesive glue on both the bald patch and the weft(make sure to choose the extension that perfectly matches your hair color and texture). Make sure to apply the glue evenly so that it won’t fall off later. Then carefully place the hair extension over the patch. Make sure to firmly bond the weft on your head. 


Step 3: Apply hair spray and other recommended hair products evenly over your hair. Then create your own desired hairstyle. If your new hair is too long, consider cutting it and bring it to your desired shape. This will give you a new look.

You can even combine hair weave and hair bond to give a better look. The only additional steps involved are braiding your hair and sewing it with the weave hair extensions. 

What is hair weaving?


A voluminous  new look after adding weave hair extension


Weave hair is another form of non-surgical hair replacement treatment. Hair weaves are of different types, such as hair weave for women, for men, and ponytail weave, but the purpose remains the same for all as it mainly adds volume and length to your existing hair. A hair weave can be performed along with hair bonding, especially for men who wish to transform their baldness. Following are the steps involved for creating hair weave for different purposes and categories;


#1. Weave hair for men

Are you worried about going bald? No worries now


Step 1: Apply hair spray and gel to secure your natural hair in place. Then shave the bald patch and make sure that it is completely clean. You can apply other products to enhance the result. Dry it with a hairdryer to make it completely dry.


Step 2: Braid your hair around the bald patch. Then weave hair extension into the braided layer to secure it. You need to sew the extension and perfectly merge it with your hair. Then consider applying adhesive on the hair weft and the patch and firmly place it over the head. The weave hair extension should be long enough to cover the sewn section.


Step 3:  Style your hair depending on your choice and gift yourself with a new look by applying hair products.

#2. For Ponytail Lovers:

You can have ponytail weave with authentic looks


Step 1: Apply hairspray to make your hair soft. Form a ponytail and place it to where you want. It can be a high, low, or double ponytail. Secure them with a tie.


Step 2: Attach the hair extension to your hair by creating a perfect weave at the ponytail base. The extension can be a curly hair weave or straight ponytail weave, depending on your choice. After weaving your extension with your hair, take a layer of hair and wrap it around. This will help in covering the hairband and the integration part, making it indistinguishable. Then make the hair better by applying hairspray and other recommended products.


#3. Weave hair for women- Both straight and curly hair weave 

Recreate the best version of yourself with weave hair extension

Step 1: Create multiple hair braids on your head and distribute them evenly and make sure that they are firmly attached to your head. Unlike other hair braids, these hair braids should not be dangling from your head.


Step 2: Start to weave hair extensions to the braided hair. Hair extensions can be of your choice, depending on your hair nature. You can use straight if you have straight or have curly hair weave if you have curly hair. Add the extension section after section, taking one step at a time because such work needs to be done meticulously and diligently. Once you are done weaving the hair, keep it for a day or two.


Step 3: After a day or two, modify your hair by removing a few braided hairs. If you are curly hair weave, try forming a curl by blending the extension with your curly hair. Doing this will give you authentic and better looks. Try creating your hairstyle. Complete the process by applying hairspray and shaping the look you desired to have.  


Are They a Good Option to Recover Baldness?


If you have this same question, obviously, for now, hair bonds and weave hair extensions are the best available treatment to replace your baldness. That being said, they are 100% safe and painless, unlike hair transplantation through surgeries. Of course, these options are temporary, but this gives a platform for all the users to try and explore new styles and hair products. You can try having a curly hair weave, ponytail weave, and other trendy hairstyles. Imagine how you would handle it if you land up having a permanent hair transplant gone wrong. That would be the worst nightmare you will ever have. Although hair bonding and hair weaving are artificial methods, they are hard to distinguish from the original hair or even better if done by a professional hairstylist. There could be other better options in the future to replace your lost hair, but for now, no other way is more dominant than hair bonding and hair weaving. 


Are you feeling uncomfortable with your bald head, thin hair, or poor-quality hair? Trust me; you can now address your problem by either going for hair weave or hair bond. As stated earlier, these two methods are non-surgical hair treatment, currently the best form of its kind. Treat your hair and rejuvenate your life once again.

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