What car insurance for people with disabilities?

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Once a person is deemed fit to drive, they must be insured in order to be able to move around or even purchase a vehicle. And although there is no auto insurance for people with disabilities , specificities should be mentioned in the contract. 

On the occasion of the 33 years of the Telethon , L’olivier looks back on some points of clarification around mobility when you are a person with a disability.

At L’olivier all drivers are welcome. If you have any questions regarding the insurance of your converted vehicle, do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you have to declare your disability to your insurer?

We strongly recommend that the disabled driver inform their insurer. However, we remind you that it is mandatory to notify him of the value of the vehicle fittings . There is no reason not to inform your insurer of your situation since no discrimination in insurance is possible, as long as the driver is fit to drive. Moreover, financial aid can be brought to him by the MDPH ( Departmental House of Handicapped Persons ) for the fitting out of his vehicle in order to adapt it to his handicap (1,500 € to 5,000 €). There is therefore every interest in informing your insurer of your situation, but above all of the arrangements made so that they are covered.

If ever a disability occurs after obtaining the license, the driver must pass a medical examination. Once the medical opinion has been confirmed, all that remains is to regularize his license. Some examples of disabilities to notify to your car insurance:

  • Visual impairment => wearing glasses.
  • Hearing handicap => technical arrangement of the vehicle.
  • And finally physical, mental or cognitive handicap => specific to each individual, the medical opinion will recommend the necessary adjustments.

Good to know: in case of doubt (visual impairment for example), a medical check will help to determine whether the handicap needs to be mentioned on the driving license (wearing glasses in this case).

How can you be insured when you have a disability?

The subscription process is the same for everyone , regardless of the driver’s profile. If the disabled person holds a driving license, he or she is entitled to take out an auto insurance contract . The only difference will be made at the time of subscription. She will have to transmit a driving license stating her disability or a medical certificate of aptitude to drive, if this occurred after obtaining the license and it has not been updated.

If the vehicle is fitted out, the driver must notify his insurer of the modifications made. This is so that the value of the vehicle can be assessed as accurately as possible. Thus, in the event of a disaster (theft, fire, etc.) the insured will be able to receive a fairer reimbursement, up to the level of the destroyed or lost goods.

Good to know : financial aid can be provided for fitting out cars. With development amounts that can amount to thousands of euros, it may be good to inquire;).

If no insurance wants to insure me?

If ever a driver with reduced mobility cannot find car insurance to insure it, he can contact the Mobility Handicap Resource & Innovation Center (CEREMH). They will take care of supporting him in his efforts. He can also contact the Bureau Central de Tarification (BCT) which will find him an auto insurance.

Is car insurance for people with reduced mobility more expensive?

No, a person’s disability is not a valid reason for increasing their auto insurance premium. On the other hand, the value of the car being a pricing criterion. The amount of insurance can therefore increase depending on the number of adjustments made.

Auto and disability insurance: in the event of a claim?

To be properly reimbursed in the event of a claim, the driver must ensure that the facilities are correctly declared and covered. In the event that the insurance finds unreliable installations, it may be resistant to compensation.

L’olivier Assurance is committed to the Telethon

For several years, we have had a team that has been mobilizing during the famous Telethon weekend (early December). Their missions? Receive calls from donors to receive donations dedicated to research on neuromuscular diseases.

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