What can go in a mixed waste skip?

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An excellent and convenient way of getting rid of all the waste of your house is to hire a skip. When we start clearing our house, we get to realize that there are so many types of waste that need to be disposed of. Before going for waste disposal, it is necessary to understand what type of waste to put and not to put in waste bins. Many people get surprised when they get to know that all the waste cannot be disposed of into a hired skipcorp.com.au. The reasons for restriction are important that include safety and regulations.

Things that You Can Put into a Waste Bin

The thing that is not hazardous and harmful can be thrown in the waste bins like the list of items and materials provided below-

  • Domestic waste
  • Brick
  • Cardboard
  • Empty bins
  • Rubble
  • Soil
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Solidified plant
  • Polystyrene
  • Furniture
  • Fittings
  • Food and food packaging
  • Garden waste
  • Gas cookers etc.

Things that You Must Avoid Putting into Your Waste Bin

It is more important to know what items cannot be put up in a skip than the items that can be put. Here is a list of items that should not be disposed of in a skip-

·       Asbestos Must Never Be Put Inside a Bin

It is a very hazardous material and should never be disposed of in a skip. According to the rules and regulations enforced by the government regarding waste disposal management it is mentioned that it is illegal to reuse materials that contain asbestos.

·       Disposing Car batteries in a Bin Is Not a Good Idea

Any kind of battery is not allowed to be put up in a skip, which means car batteries can also be not put in a skip. Batteries are full of chemical and hazardous waste that can be harmful and so these should be recycled at supermarkets in the collection boxes placed there.

·       Avoid Putting Gas Cylinders into a Bin

Even if the gas cylinder is full or empty it does not matter, the point is that it should not be put in a skip. The skip hire companies do not have the license to carry the gas cylinders, and the residual content that it may contain can be dangerous. The best of recycling them is to either use them again for that purpose or you may return it to the place from where you purchased them.

·       Plasterboard Should Not Be Discarded in a Bin

It a gypsum-made product and so plasterboard should not be put in a bin. The reason for not disposing of plasterboard in the regular residential skip bin is that the environmental agency has decided on plasterboard and other gypsum items separately.

·       Tyres Are Recyclable Waste Product and Hence Do Not Put Inside a Bin

Tyres can be easily recycled and can be made into almost everything ranging from plant pots to floors of rubber for the gyms or in the playground. So, it is not worth disposing of them with the regular trash.

·       Medical waste Must Never Be Disposed in a Regular Waste Bin

Disposal of medical waste requires special disposal, and there are numerous licensed medical waste disposal providers from which you can seek help. Medical waste includes a needle or biological waste which can prove dangerous to the health of skip operators, so it must be disposed of with due care and avoid using a residential skip bin for discarding it.

·       Paints, Solvents, or Fuel Should not Be Disposed in a Skip

The paints, solvents, and fuels are very dangerous chemicals and this hazardous waste should not be disposed of in a skip. These types of materials can result in combustion or chemical burns. These items need to be taken to a specialist or disposal Centre that is licensed.

·       Never Use a Skip for Throwing Away Fluorescent Bulbs

These are again hazardous material which may carry mercury so it is not possible to put it in a skip. Apart from this, there are several items like televisions, fridges or any other electrical appliances that should not be put in a skip.

Factors That Affect the Type of Skip to Be Used

  • Size Of the Skip – there is no ideal size of the skip as such. what is ideal is based on the amount of waste that you want to put in a skip and the space that you have to put in a skip. The larger the skip, lesser will be the per unit or square feet cost of the trash can. However just to get a cheaper skip cost do not make yourself pay for thin air and make sure you have enough waste to put in a skip.
  • Skip Hire Cost – there are different factors due to which the price of the skip differs. This may the size of the skip or the permission required to have a skip.
  • Permission For Skip – using up the public property requires certain permissions and if you want to put a skip on a public pathway rather than your private land you need to take permission from the council. Arranging for permission is required before setting up the skip and this may also cost an extra and few days to arrange. 


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