What Are the Things a Digital Marketer Has to be Adept At?

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Digital marketing is gaining more traction as I write this sentence and as you read it. It has become a phenomenon that has engraved itself into the business world so deeply that its imprint won’t ever disappear.

Digital marketing is here to stay and there is no denying it. Businesses that haven’t accepted that would have to or they’ll be left behind. This is a concept that is at its pinnacle now, however, without its talisman it’s incomplete. And that is the digital marketer.

A digital marketing company in Delhi would have individual digital marketers working on individual aspects of the internet marketing process. So, what are the things that he or she would need to be great at their job?

And that is our agenda for today. We are going to focus on the digital marketer, his job profile and everything he needs to be good at it.


What does a digital marketer do?

The essence of digital marketing is visibility. And creating the same for brands everywhere in the world is what a digital marketer is supposed to do. He is responsible for creating strategies that would make a business come on the map. 

This would ultimately result in the business garnering a huge audience in terms of consumers. And you can probably very easily guess what it would mean. A huge increase in revenue. Since that is the main agenda for every business, it is only obvious that digital marketing culminates there.

As a part of his job, a digital marketer has to do a lot of different things to make a brand gain the visibility it desires.

  • The marketer has to assess the audience and the trends they are more inclined to welcome. Thereby, start creating strategies that align with them.

  • Then, there is the competition. A marketer has to keep a close eye on what the competition is doing. And then come up with strategies to outperform them.

  • Client and vendor acquisition is often a part of the marketers job profile. He has to create pitches and proposals that would guarantee a conversion.

  • Finally, he also needs to curate marketing campaigns constantly to keep the audience engaged in the business. These involve all the digital platforms, social media, search engines, emails and more.


These four sum up the major response of a digital marketer, but these do not necessarily sum up his job. There are numerous other duties that he has to perform that often aren’t even mentioned in the job description. For instance, working with the content authors and making them understand the importance of keyword placement for SEO purposes. It is not an easy task.


What qualities does he require for his accomplishments?

So, we have established the things a digital marketer has to do in his job. Now, let’s understand how he can make them happen. There are certain qualities and skill sets that a digital marketer has to have in order to be good at his job. Out of all of them, there are four that stand out.


He needs in-depth understanding of the concept

The foremost quality in a digital marketer has to be knowledge. This knowledge pertains to everything the concept stands for. A digital marketer has to have an understanding of what marketing on the internet is and how it works. Only then can he perform his job accurately. 

Drafting an email to an important client, telling him about your team’s unavailability over the Diwali weekend can often have negative connotations. However, a digital marketer worth his salt would never let that happen. Giving out a Diwali discount and a pleasant greeting helps in that. Adding to it the notion that the team would be available in case of emergencies goes a long way in building trust. 

This is just one example of how knowledge about the smallest aspects of marketing can help a digital marketer become an expert. And trust me, nobody calls over the Diwali weekend.


He needs to be persuasive

This is more of a quality than a skill. A digital marketer has to often think outside the box. And that means the ideas he may have would be unconventional. In today’s scenario, unconventional is what sells. However, making the stakeholders understand that can be problematic. 


And in those situations, being persuasive comes in handy. And a digital marketer, who isn’t able to persuade the stakeholders to do something that breaks conventions isn’t going to be a great one.


He needs to be a technophile

Digital marketing is all for technology. Every single digital marketing campaign and every single strategy is founded on technology. It is a marketing concept that is based on the internet, after all. So, technology is part of the parcel.


Therefore, an internet marketer has to be technophile. He has to love technology. He has to know how to work it. 


Let me give you an example. An important part of the digital marketer’s job profile is to gather data and analyse it. Now companies have tons and tons of data that needs to be sorted through to get to what is needed. Doing this manually is going to take ages. And then actually analysing the results manually would take another century. So, a marketer uses tools like Google Analytics that actually do all the work for you. 


Running global campaigns also becomes a walk in the park with the right tools. And all of those tools would only come in handy, if you are a technophile. You have to love technology, there is no going around it.


He needs to be able to create human-centric designs

A marketer has to be a problem solver. He needs to be able to find solutions to whatever conundrum the business has landed itself in. Now, for these solutions the approach to use has to be human-centred. 


This means a marketer has to keep the human perspective at the forefront, whenever he is creating solutions or even building practises. This approach comes in very useful, when creating social campaigns around a product. 

All in all, a digital marketer’s job is quite extensive. And he needs to have the right skills to make a tangible difference with his work. There are hundreds and thousands of digital marketers in the market, however, only a few can be considered pros at what they do.

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