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What Are The Reasons For Removal Of Dead Trees? – TrendyRead

What Are The Reasons For Removal Of Dead Trees?

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Sometimes, tree removal is very important to prevent your place from the hazard, protect other trees from tree diseases, etc. But, tree removal should be the last step when all other measures are not working. You should observe the signs of damage to the tree before removing it.


It is recommended that you should call a professional for an inspection of the tree. The professionals have good knowledge and they can determine whether your tree can recover or it should be removed. The dead or diseased tree poses a hazard to life and property in its surrounding.


Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various top reasons for the removal of the dead tree.

1.Safety Concern

The well-being of your family and property is one of the major reasons for the removal of the dead, damaged, or diseased tree from your yard. The dead or diseased trees have weak structural integrity. Therefore, these trees can fall anytime and they can lead to potential damage to your property.


These trees are not capable of withstanding strong windstorms. The falling tree can damage your home, car, and poses danger to the people living in the surrounding of that tree. Some trees can grow taller. But, an extremely tall tree poses danger to property and life.

2.Cost You High

The falling tree not just poses danger to your life and property, but they are also bad for your pocket. Dead or damaged trees can hit hard on your pocket. If a tree falls due to strong wind or natural calamity, there is a high probability that you will get the insurance cover. On the other hand, if a tree falls due to your negligence, you have to pay for the damage.


Insurance companies are not liable for damage caused by your negligence. For instance, if a tree is in poor condition and it may fall anytime, you are responsible for the damage. If a damaged tree in your yard falls over the property of your neighbors, you have to pay for the damage.

3.Pest Attack

The deadwood attracts pests and insects. Some pests use the deadwood as their habitat. On the other hand, some pests and insects start grazing the fungi & bacteria growing over bored tunnels. Some insects feed on wood as well. Common pests and insects that attack deadwood are beetles, Hymenoptera, Fly larva, Mosquitos, Bees, and Wasps. If the pest infested tree is near to your house, they will start making their way to your home. In addition to this, pest-infested trees become weaker and can fall anytime.

4.Affect Visual Appeal

Dead or damaged trees in the yard are an eyesore and they affect the visual appeal of your house. Most people may not consider it an important factor for tree removal. But, some people feel proud of their beautiful house. Thus, they do not want a dead tree to affect the curb appeal of their home.


Thus, these people think that the best way to restore the visual appeal of their house by removing the dead or damaged tree from their house. The visual appeal of your house plays a vital role if you are planning to sell your house soon. The dead tree can decrease the market value of your house.


Therefore, it is recommended that you should call the professionals such as tree removal Sydney contractors to remove the tree from your yard. The cost of a dead tree from your yard may be high, but you can easily recover it by selling your beautiful house at a high price.

5.Prevent Spreading Of Infectious Disease

In case your tree is infected with chlorosis or white pine blister rust, you should remove this tree immediately from your yard. It is so because these tree diseases can easily spread. It is an undeniable fact that most tree diseases are communicable. These communicable tree diseases can affect the greenery of your yard. If you observe any sign of tree disease then you should call the professionals. They will properly inspect the trees in your yard and suggest the right measure.


It is recommended that you should regularly look out for the signs of common tree diseases:

  • Blotchy, spotted leaves
  • Cankers
  • Wilting
  • Sunken or swollen areas
  • Yellowish wood
  • Trunk and root rot


Final Words:

The tree removal is necessary when a tree is completely dead, damaged, or diseases. When there are no chances of recovery, you should immediately get rid of the damaged or dead trees. Also, it is recommended that you should not choose to DIY. It is so because the dead, diseased, or damaged tree can collapse and lead to hazards. You should take the help of professionals because they have the experience, knowledge, and necessary tools to get rid of a dead tree.

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