What are the Most Selling Products in the UK During the Pandemic?

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The pandemic has changed a lot of things and one of them is consumer buying behavior. With a limitation on the income and economic growth, the people are inclining towards comfort and essential items.

The pandemic has catapulted the growth of the wholesale industry into hyper-growth. But some products are more popular than others and today we are referring to survey data collected from several wholesalers who sold their wholesale pound shop supplies to bring to you the top 4 products that people in the UK have loved even during the pandemic.

Here’s what quickly sold out

The top 4 products that wholesalers have sold in the UK during the pandemic are:

Toilet paper

Remember the time when people were panic buying supplies because they were worried this lockdown thing will go on forever and they do not want to run out of the opportunity to wipe? Toilet paper moved to the must-have list of everyone.

People rushed to their local shops to purchase loads of toilet paper. So much that several shops reported a heavy inventory shortage due to the sudden rise in demand. And when the stores couldn’t keep up, several sellers listed toilet paper online and earned good profits.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer

I remember when I was a boy, some children in my class would bring hand sanitizer with them. They would pour and rub it on their hands before having their food and after and we normal kids would think, “His/her parents must be rich.”

Fast forward to today, hand sanitizer is now an essential category item and a bottle of the rub is in each and everyone’s pockets. People in the UK flocked to buy alcohol-based hand sanitizer which also led to a somewhat rise in the price due to low supply and sudden demand surge.

Kitchen towels

Till 2019, we would happily eat cake on which someone blew the candles. Not anymore. People are cautious about everything they touch and sharing things is a strict no. That means no more sharing towels or carrying forward them for reuse.

British households have been using kitchen towels and kitchen rolls for a long. But when WHO and CDC recommended using them for disinfecting, people rushed to buy them. Consequently, the paper towel became one of the most selling items during the pandemic.

Infrared thermometers

Early stages of the COVID-19 included fever as one of the symptoms of the virus. People did not want to take any risk and be sure that the other person does not have abnormal body temperature. Hence, the demand for infrared thermometers shot up.

In the UK during the pandemic, IR thermometers are also one of the most selling products.


Yes, you read that right. Puzzles. The pandemic made people bored and left them with too much time on their hands. And what better way to pass the time and challenge your mind than to solve puzzles?

So, in an attempt to keep themselves occupied, jigsaw puzzles became a favorite past time activity for people in the UK. Store retailers reported a growth of 100-200% in the sales of puzzles during the pandemic.

Baking items

Being unable to go out at the favorite bar or restaurant, people decided to allow their kitchen to become the hub for sweet tooth cravings. People across the UK enjoyed their new-found love for baking cakes, muffins, and other bakery items.

Baking all these items require raw material and ingredients, something that you will purchase at your nearest shop. Many retailers observed a spike in the demand for baking items and kitchen tools to become a better sous-chef de cuisine.

Fitness equipment

With gyms closed and the sudden inclination to being fit and healthy, people did not let the pandemic stop them. As a result, pound shops across the UK observed a rise in the sales of fitness equipment.

Home workout essentials like dumbbells, resistance bands, yoga mats, etc. were some of the most selling and popular fitness equipment that quickly vanished from the aisles at the stores.


People became too comfortable being at home and the fall in outings due to the pandemic has made loungewear a favorite of everyone across the UK. With no need to dress up for a glamorous night at the local pub, wearing comfortable clothes became the priority.

The feeling of loose fabric on the body and comfortable pajamas below is the reason why retailers reported a 200% rise in the sales of loungewear.


The shift in consumer buying behavior due to the pandemic is the reason why products that were ignored earlier became the most selling products in the UK. And being a pound shop owner, you must be stocked up to meet the demands of the consumers you are serving. And saving a few bucks by purchasing wholesale pound shop supplies is not something to be ignored.

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