What are the do’s for office relocation?

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Do you own an office? Are you shifting to a new place, but your office items are bulky and big to relocate? While running your business and obtaining success, you must have hired facility managers and administrators to streamline the business operations. You may not realize it, but facility managers and administrators assume an imperative part in office relocation. They work as assets to ensure the office move is carried out in a hassle-free and smooth manner. 


Your office relocation always requires hiring Kolkata Packers and Movers, contacting vendors, planning, and other activities. You can now transform the challenging task of office relocation into a manageable and smooth one. 


Do’s of office relocation!

Today, we are deciphering the things your facility managers and administrators should do for a smooth office relocation experience. Let’s check out the run-down-of-the-mill of dos for your office relocation requirements.


1. A detailed inventory list: 

Your office must have documents, files, equipment, and other assets. No facility managers or administrators genuinely know about everything that you have in the office. Therefore, the departments are designed and assigned with managers to manage the office activities. You can ask the manager to provide you with an inventory list before calling Packers and Movers in Behala. The list will help you decide what equipment, documents, furniture, and other items are needed or not needed in the new office. 


2. Advance Planning: 

Prevention is better than final treatment or solution. Office relocation can be time-consuming and complex to carry out in a short period. It is because relocation needs extensive planning to have a hassle-free and successful relocation experience. Therefore, it is suggested that you pre-plan everything for your office relocation before hiring the service providers or professionals. Refer to the below steps to understand what is needed for relocation pre-planning:

• Tasks: 

Instead of calling packers and movers in Kolkata, you must invest time in listing down all the activities. It will help you recognize all the activities that are to be done before procuring the final service. 

• Segregation:

You must break down the listed activities and assigned them to team leaders, managers, or administrators. It will help you achieve better results in a short period.

• Organise: 

Now organize the office items, pack, and label them to simplify the relocation process up to 60%. It will keep your relocation move organized throughout the process.

• Problems:

Pre-planning the office relocation move eliminates the potential problems you may face during the shifting process. 


3. Stakeholders: 

The expert Kolkata Packers and Movers illustrate that you cannot always plan office relocation alone. Your office is operated and managed by the hired professionals. Similarly, they should be informed about your office relocation decision beforehand to make the preparations. You must ask them to share an inventory list and a proposal for making the relocation experience smooth and fast. 


4. Backup Plans: 

Life is unpredictable, and so does the market. Therefore, you should never always rely on your inventory list, pre-planning, or relocation service providers. You must consider distance, business productivity, budget, power backup, security, space required, staff comfort, parking facility, etc., before hiring the packers and movers in Kolkata. It will help you prepare back-up plans if anything goes wrong during the office relocation process. 


5. Budgets: 

Finance is everything that streamlines your business operations and sustainability. Therefore, you must assign a budget for everything concerning your office relocation move. You should assign a budget for consultants, equipment, networking, interiors, and other aspects to derive a smooth, fast-track, and efficient office relocation experience. 




After the pandemic hit worldwide, many offices are compelled to relocate for financial reasons. If you have a business or office in Kolkata, you must also be considering the same to sustain in the market. You can refer to the tips listed above for your upcoming office relocation needs. These tips will keep you safe and stick to your budget without falling behind your competitors.


You can also obtain the services of bike and car transport in Kolkata if you provide travel convenience to your employees. The professional movers and packers will organize, sort, de-clutter, load, unload, unpack, pack, and relocate office belonging and vehicles for you. You can now start with your office relocation research and planning to derive the best and comfortable experience.

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