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What are dab rigs used for legally?

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Dab rigs are a form of water pipe with a nail that heats up to vaporize your concentrates, mostly cannabis, for you to inhale. They are renowned for delivering highly potent/ strong draws and a miraculous flavor in the draws.  

Dab rigs are also known for their efficiency. Very little or no concentrate goes to waste. 

The major components of a dab rig include:

Nowadays, there exists a new type of dab called an electric dab rig, which has a battery instead of a torch/ lighter and also utilizes an E-nail instead of the traditional nail.

The controversy.

Many states that have legalized the usage of cannabis concentrates have set certain regulations. For example in the USA, federal law allows cannabis concentrates to contain up to 100% CBD but not more than 0.3% THC. Both CBD and THC are known to have several therapeutic and wellness benefits such as pain relief, and reducing anxiety & stress/ depression. However, THC is highly intoxicating hence is more illegal under US federal law. 

Wax/ dab concentrates, used in dab rigs, can contain very high THC levels. Thus, you may ask can dab rigs be used legally?

Despite the federal law having strict measures for the production, ownership, and usage of cannabis concentrates, some states, including Washington D.C have passed cannabis laws that have allowed medical cannabis concentrates with high THC levels legal for use.

Generally, dab rigs are legally used for vaporizing legal cannabis concentrates such as CBD concentrates and essential oil. Ingesting these concentrate in the form of vapor enables you to reap the benefits/ feel the effect faster (almost instantly).

Types of dab rigs.

Dab rigs exist in various types. Each type has a unique feature that can vary your dabbing experience. 

The common type of dab rigs include:

Glass dab rig

Glass dab rigs are the original dab rigs. They are made of glass and come in different shapes and sizes that usually range between 6 inches and 12 inches tall. 

All glass dab rigs are typically made of borosilicate glass, a material that is strong, durable, and heat resistant (can handle the high dabbing temperatures).

Miniature dab rigs (mini rigs)

Mini dab rigs are a smaller kind of glass dab rigs. Their height tends to be less than 7 inches tall. Despite their size, they deliver massive hits without compromising the smoothness.

The designs for miniature dab rigs tend to be more complex with many curves that provide a larger surface for cooling of the vapor and additional percolators/ filters.

The small size of miniature dab rigs makes them more portable.

Silicone dab rigs.

When it comes to cleaning a dab rig, silicone dab rigs are probably the most convenient. They entered the dab rig industry/ market in the past couple of years.

Another unique property of silicone dab rigs is their price. They are broadly cheap when compared to the prices of other types of dab rigs. 

Most silicon dab rigs are compatible with quartz and glass accessories. Some can even be dismantled for easy packing/ carrying and cleaning.

Recycler dab rigs.

Recycler dab rigs are good at delivering the smoothest hits. The name, recycler, is due to their ability to recycle the vapor through the percolator and chambers before it reaches you. 

Most recycler dab rigs large, they stand over 8 inches tall. Due to their functionality, recycler dab rigs feature beautiful designs and are amazing to watch when in action. 

Recycler dab rigs tend to be more expensive than other types of dab rigs as they have extra glasswork and percolation.

Electric dab rigs (E-rigs).

Electric dab rigs are very portable and easy to use. They feature a battery that powers their E-nail. Thus, electric dab rigs exist as a single unit (they do not necessarily require another external accessory such as a torch/ lighter). 

E-rigs can also be dismantled for easy cleaning and fitting onto a carrying case.



The question of what are dab rigs used for legally depends on the cannabis laws passed in your state.  It also depends on the kind of concentrate your dab rig is compatible with or one you want to dab.



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