Web Design Tips That Will Boost Your Conversions and Customer Engagement

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No matter which business you belong to, if you do not have an appealing website then there is a greater risk that you may fall apart! In this growing age of web technology, your website plays a vital role in attracting potential customers and retaining the older ones. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a well-designed website to attract the maximum number of customers and hold their attention right away, and to ensure an everlasting visitor’s experience.

Did you know that you may even hold the visitors to your site even if your service or product is not what they’re looking for? Yes, but for that, you need to make sure that your website is highly engaging to them.

Unaware of the art? No worries, to help you come up with some distinctive web design ideas, we’ll share with you a few web design tips that you can directly implement to enhance what you’re working on. 

  • Create an engaging Homepage


You must have heard “the first experience is the last experience”. It applies here. The first few seconds after the visitor lands on your website are crucial. If a visitor finds the sights captivating then your visitor will stay and want to know more, otherwise, the visitor might leave with the blink of an eye! 

The following web design tips for engagement could be a savior:


  • Use a tidy, uncluttered interface that prioritizes your brand’s value and the core of your business. Do not overwhelm the region with lots of images or material which might be confusing or frustrating at times. Conclusively, the less and concise the content is, the deeper understanding about important points will be possible important points about your business.


  • Use soft and engaging colors. Do not use too bright or effervescent colors which the reader finds unpleasant. Use soft, appealing colors, and all along with your website, try to switch between two or a maximum of three colors and not more than that. Different colors leave a different impact on people’s feelings, so it’s important to pick the right colors.


  • Make your website mobile-friendly. From your product pages to your loyalty scheme, your online interface should be customized to any screen size. Include graphics with attractive images and banners that are well presented on both desktop and handheld platforms, for instance, mobile phones and tablets

  • Begin with a Story


The story is one of the best ways to seek customer’s attention and to build an emotional connection with them. Whether it’s about your vision or goals, about your journey so far, or your team, it can make your customers feel the joy and inculcate positive emotions in them which is much more likely to convert than if they didn’t feel that way.


  • Help Visitors approach what they tend to find

Visitors, at times, feel annoyed and upset when they don’t seem to find what they’re looking for. Scrolling back and forth causes frustration. The site’s usability also plays an essential role in creating a great customer experience. Therefore, a great way to approach this is by dividing your content into a series of blocks. Highlight the most important aspects that your business offers and make them easy to approach.

  • Clear and Convincing CTAs

Call-To-Action plays a major role in conversions. Without CTA, all of your hard work would go in vain! You need to make sure that your website has contained clear and distinctive CTAs at multiple places on your website so that the moment the customer feels convinced about your product or service, he/she will make a purchase, without scrolling towards the last page of your site. Have clear, catchy words for your CTAs, that specify what you expect your viewer to do for each CTA.

  • Use white space

If a couple of students offer you their notebooks, which one would you prefer, the one whose pages are full of writings that you barely could see which color is the page of, or the other one which has less but organized content? Of course the latter. Similarly, your website does not need to be overwhelmed with a lot of stuff or images that the reader finds it difficult where to start from and eventually, she or he rather decides to Leave/exit.

Filling up each corner is not effective from a design point of view. Leave some white spaces and make your website more breathable.


  • Use Human Faces

Human faces are more eye-catching and attention-seeking than any other animation. You may use your team’s photographs to reveal the faces behind the name. When you’re selling stuff, use images of consumers engaging with your goods as a way to make your buyers connect more to each of your products.

If you feel that your current website lacks any of the important aspects discussed above, then there is a need to hire a web design company at the earliest. He will prepare, build and code all the web pages, perfectly blended with the necessary texts, voices, photos, visuals, and video clips. These improvements may sound plain, but they may have a significant effect on the way your consumers view your website. It means your website is powerful enough to either make or break the customer!

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