Ways to Pack Fragile and Valuable Items Before Relocation

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Packing and moving is a real headache, especially if you have lots of fragile and valuable items to pack and move. Who does not have a love for their cutleries, valuable items that you want to see damaged? When it comes to packing them, you are all nervous and are concerned about moving them recklessly. It is quite normal as a slight mistake can damage the goods and that can leave you heartbroken.

You can bring in the packer and mover to take care of these fragile items. So, when they come to take the survey of the house, they will make a point of all the delicate items that would need extra care. Especially during the transportation, they take special care about such goods. Your estimates for the moving will also depend on the volume of fragile items that would require extra attention and packing materials. They pack it in such a secured way that the items remain unharmed till they reach their destinations.

However, you may want to keep a few things in mind before you can send them away. Have a look at some of the pointers that will help you keep your valuables safe during the relocation. A few techniques that can make your packing so much simpler.

Simple Techniques to Help Pack Delicate Items

Use Boxes of Appropriate Sizes

Packing things that are fragile needs special packing materials, especially appropriate size boxes. For this, you shouldn’t get extra-large boxes or there is a high probability of them breaking down. China plates, cups, soccer can be packed in small boxes. This is not just easy to handle but will keep your dishes safe and sound as there won’t be much space for them to move and bang into each other.  Even a small space can cause them too much movement.

In case you plan to pack them all in the big box, it would mean a lot of packing items to cushion them up. To save on packing peanuts you can take a small box to help you move the items properly. The extra space can be filled easily with a little bit of packing peanuts.

Say No to Flimsy Boxes

When you are moving fragile items, it would be best if you don’t pack them in flimsy boxes. You can easily get sturdy and thicker boxes to pack such items. Opting for thin boxes that have plastic covering doesn’t help much. They are not trustworthy and may break under tension. If you don’t want a whole pile of broken crockeries while you leave then you must get sturdy boxes to carry the loads well.

Getting cardboard boxes that can lift heavy yet fragile items has more advantages than you can think of. They make a perfect grip on the hands even when they are sweating profusely. When you are under so much pressure, you may forget about such trivial things but if you want to transport the fragile things in your home safely to their new destination.

Don’t be a Miser with the Tapes

Secure the boxes well as you will be carrying loads of delicate items. So, being a miser is not an option in this case. When you are packing any boxes, whether fragile items or not, you should use an ample amount of packing tapes to secure them. This makes it safer and keeps the box secured for long trips. Doing extra tapping will prevent it from opening downwards due to the internal pressure. You can put it in the ‘H’ method so that, the box remains secured and you won’t have to worry about the box opening up in the middle of the loading or unloading.

Soft Packing Materials

One mistake often made by the amateurs is that they use whatever rough paper they get to fill the extra space in the box. Instead, you have several options such as bubble wrap, Styrofoam, or packing peanuts, towels, soft sheets, etc. You are not advised to use newspapers as under certain conditions they are said to leave prints on the fine materials.

Until and unless you fill the extra spaces with the packing material the packing can not be complete. You can do that after placing the things inside the box then filling gaps with those materials or else just wrap them up securely and then add soft materials over them. In the market, you can easily find cardboard boxes that come with compartments or dividers. Using them makes it easy for you to sort and place cutleries and small fragile pieces. This protects them from colliding with each other while you shift these boxes in a hurry.

Fill Hollow Items with Paper

People often forget to cover the hollow items properly. things such as glasses, bowls, jars, etc. that have cavities need to be filled with the packing materials. It is for a simple reason that this is done. The filling up of the hollow spaces can soften the vibrations caused during the move. If you have loose socks that you are about to throw out during the decluttering, then keep them aside and use them for this purpose. It will save the cost of getting packing papers unnecessarily. Just use them to fill the hollow cavity and stop worrying about things during the transportation

Wrap Each Piece Carefully

Packing and moving companies use this trick to keep fragile items safe. Take time to wrap each item using packing paper. This may seem like a boring task but doing so will help you keep your items safe during transportation. You can do the same thing with all the glassware, decorative materials, cutleries such as bowls and glasses. They are all of different sizes and shapes. In such situations, you need to pack them individually so that, they don’t end up banging into each other.

If you need service then first get quotations and compare the details of packers and mover Mumbai to Delhi.

Even with the jars, you can do the same. Remove the loose lids and then pack the lid and the jar separately. The antiques should be done the same, but you can wrap them up using bubble wrap then fixing them with packing tape. Smaller boxes make it great to transport them so that, they don’t overload the box.

Shrink Wraps are Good

Have you ever heard of shrinkwraps? They are very good for covering the items before packing them up. They can be used in such a way that the items don’t end up getting scratched and damaged during the move. Cover them tightly using the shrink wrap. This will help you keep the items safe. If you are looking for eco-friendly options then go for green wraps instead of shrink wraps. This helps a lot and you can stop worrying about the delicate items getting damaged.

Take your Time Packing Them

It is normal for you to panic while packing things. In that rush, you may end up bundling things together. Don’t rush with anything and take your time packing things in an organized way. Don’t forget to pack them up individually. This may take some time but do it diligently or else they may end having scratches and also broken. Doing things in a systematic way will help you keep those things safe. Just take things slow and try to cool down your nerves while packing.

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