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The film starts off
very well. Filmed in 1988 and starring Boyd Holbrook as a cop in a bizarre
serial killer case, it’s a tense sci-fi film and I think it had a good chance
to be one of my favorite films of the year because it’s just plain fun. 
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journey into one of the most mundane situations

But that was only the
first five or ten minutes; by the end, it had become one of the banalest,
self-conscious, and funny films of the year. What was the cause of the

Most films have a playful side

Like most films in
recent years, which have fantastic premises but fail miserably and are a pile
of miserable missed opportunities, this film is all about the agenda. Movies
have to have an agenda, otherwise, they will never be anything but a disorganized
nothingness. Most movies are made to entertain, to tell an important story, or
to show a character’s development to become a better person. Make art! What is
the agenda of this movie?

To kill your family and everyone else

To promote an idea;
the idea that some ideas should be limited and punished by death. This movie
says that if you could go back in time and kill little Hitler you would, but
don’t stop there, you would kill his family and everyone who influenced him
(otherwise he may influence someone else to become “Hitler”).

His actions must be accepted as such

We follow the
protagonist down the rabbit hole as he pursues a murder suspect who resurfaces
every nine years. In his obsession, he grows older and more distant from his
daughter, until he finally teaches her – as in a Sunday school class – that the
murderer is good and that she must accept his actions as such because one day
she will believe as he does and that the murderer is the one who taught her

He has made her life miserable

A twist of fate! She
is a time traveler. And his niece. When he met her in 88, he killed her, and
when he realized it in 2015, it was too late to fix anything, even if she
hadn’t come to terms with it yet. On top of that, he made his and his
daughter’s life miserable for 27 years, and nothing he did work. She is
understandably upset.

The future is doomed and he is haunted by it

What follows. He
accepts it all as a good, crazy fictional character, and the movie ends with a
hopeful sermon about saving the future by any means necessary or some such
nonsense. Because the future is the end of the world, and the protagonist’s
niece is in charge of killing the same people from the past, innocent or
guilty, in order to prevent the end of the world.


Can this be called evil?

It is as if Skynet is
described as good. They blame John Connor for the war (he was against its
occupation!) and use that as an excuse to kill Sarah Connor and anyone who gets
in their way. Their main goal is to stop the war! How can you call this evil?
The point of the movie is not to make you question the validity of their moral

The protagonist is trying to stop an assassin
who is killing

There is no debate in
the movie, and although the protagonist is mad because he wants to stop the
murderer, he never agrees with him when he explains his actions. She is the
good Samaritan, but he is simply ignorant and misunderstands the situation.
This reduces the quality of the film in two ways. First, who is entertained
watching a movie where the main character is a boring monster?

It takes the movie out of the information point
of view

The movie ends at the
worst possible moment and never has a chance to win anything, to conclude
anything, or to win the final victory. The “triumph” is taken away
from him and given to his granddaughter, who never deserved to be a heroine.
Secondly, it undermines the message of the film. It seems that every film these
days has a message-and by that I mean a meaning that the filmmakers
deliberately appropriate and fill in.

As it can be easily dismantled and returned

All good art has meaning, but I
remember a time when the only thing that mattered was what the viewer saw in
the art. And nowadays most films at least add an anti-authoritarian argument
that can be easily broken down and better convey the message. I think this film
was afraid of counter-arguments. All it takes is for someone to point out that
it is morally unacceptable to kill innocent people, and the whole film
collapses like a tower of dry sandpaper.

Here we put bad ideas on a pedestal

The whole film is like cooking
pasta by immersing it more and more in hot water (hot water is a metaphor for
the cathartic hot air in the film). It is a very tough crust and assembly that
sticks to the edges of the pasta cake. The more they are immersed in the dirty
water, the softer and softer the pasta becomes until finally there is no pasta
at all. A bad idea on a pedestal affects every aspect of the film.

Good actors are slow and unrealistic

Without direct influence, they
get in the way of everything worthwhile. Because the filmmakers don’t bother to
make clever science fiction stories: science fiction and bad ideas are put on a
pedestal in Coma and never explained in anything other than vague “the
moonlets” terms. They don’t care about characters, they don’t destroy a
character to find what they want. Nor do they care about enjoying the world or
the visual effects. The great actors are lazy and pretentious and the action is
confusing and unforgivably boring.

At least it is an interesting story

You can ignore a bad idea if the
rest of the film is good and of high quality. Even technically inferior ideas
can be overlooked if the story is at least interesting. 
 You can check the hdmovieshub and search for your favorite movies of all time. Go and explore the ocean of entertainment on the website. I could forgive the
film’s horrible and increasingly horrible preaching and cheesiness. I just
needed to have something solid to look forward to, one. The great strength of
this film was that it had two deep subtexts in my favorite genre, with
established characters with potential that made the worst shit ever made worth

If you do
that in any film, you spoil it

I don’t understand
how you can lose it. Almost. “In the Shadow of the Moon is sad and
disappointing proof that you can ruin any film if you want to. “In the
Shadow of the Moon is sad and disappointing proof that you can ruin any film if
you want to.

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