Wake up to a higher consciousness with this awareness test

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As we grow in our understanding of our existence’s true purpose, we will accumulate knowledge that will develop into performance. In turn, understanding will bring us to holding beliefs, ideas, notions, and concepts that are close to our heart. These are the beginnings of higher consciousness.

Think of yourself standing in a pristine and verdant forest. You can sharply see the bark of the tree trunks, and you are keenly aware of the sunlight and shadows dancing from the foliage overhead as it sways in the gentle breeze. But you can’t see the treetops above, and you can’t envision your actual placement in nature from your vantage point.

Though, your higher consciousness can see the trees, each individual leaf, and the entire forest from any angle it wants to. Your higher consciousness knows where you are standing in the woods, and it can view the forest’s position in the world, at this point in history and in the whole the grand scheme of eternity.

If you put this in simpler terms: your higher awareness is the inner witness that observes your life, and it is also the guidance on the higher mountaintop you would seek out to ask, ‘what is the whole meaning of life?’ And when you can fully connect with your higher consciousness, you will understand.

What can a self-awareness test do for you?

A selfawareness test can help you in two powerful ways. First, it can help you understand the meaning of self-awareness. The questions will expose you to different self-awareness examples and wholly present you with the true definition of self-awareness.

Second, it can show you how self-aware you actually are. Don’t be fearful of your results. Instead, understand that self-awareness is the essential component for self-growth. If you want a fulfilled, purposeful life, what areas of your life might lack the necessary awareness?

Higher-awareness is not a new concept. It probably isn’t the first time you’ve undertaken improving your awareness. Why is it so difficult to improve our self-awareness? The secret element nobody talks about is vulnerability. You can’t be self-aware if you aren’t willing to be a little vulnerable.

There are a lot of myths that limit our thinking. You need to understand that being vulnerable is not weak, exclusive, or dark. Instead, being vulnerable will help you uncover the truths that you’re looking for.

So, as you go through the awareness test, try to be honest with your answers. The ultimate answer you’re looking for is to the question: How self-aware am I? And to achieve this truth, you need to summon the courage to be a bit vulnerable.

Final thoughts

With a free online awareness test, you can wipe away the years of mistruths and misperceptions and begin to see clearly. You learn how to be more responsible for your actions, free of fear or resentment. You will experience yourself as a more independent, wiser, and happier person who controls his or her own destiny.


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