VSI is the best school in Jaipur with Academic Excellence

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School is the basic foundation of knowledge being imparted to a child. It gives a chance for children to acquire knowledge in various fields of life.

School is a very important term in a person’s life. It’s a leading point that decides how his or her life would be career-wise or professional-wise.

School directly impacts on  the holistic development of a person and learns the way of living. That’s why the top priority of parents is to provide quality education to their child.

Choosing a school implies you are putting your child on a long, winding path of learning. Thus the path needs to be selected carefully and wisely. However, this is often easier said than done. With the rapidly growing education industry numbers of play, primary, secondary and senior secondary schools with differ boards running around us. How do you choose the one that fits the specific needs of your child?

In Jaipur city, VSI International senior secondary school is the best school in Jaipur with academic excellence since 1979, founded by Blue Bells Shiksha Samiti.

It is a Co.ed senior secondary English Medium school, affiliated under Rajasthan Board of Secondary education.

VSI International school is one the most preferred schools of Jaipur with academic excellence.

VSI Academics Wings

VSI international school academics are divided into three wings named Playgroup, junior wing and last but not the least Senior wing.

Playgroup Wing

VSI International best play school in Jaipur. Playgroup wing has classes like Playgroup, Nursery, Kindergarten (KG) and prep.

In playgroup, toddlers are admitted two years up to three years and in Nursery, KG, and in Prep three up to five years, kids give admission.

Jaipur has many pre-primary schools but VSI International is the best to play school in Jaipur. 

VSI play school provides a rich environment for kids. It is like a second home. VSI school offer the best kindergarten experience. Where your child gains confidence and joy of learning.

At VSI playgroup wing small academic sessions and activities go well with creative expression, physical well being and social development.

VSI school teachers play the role of facilitator rather than teacher so that they can instil a sense of achievement from the root level.

Proper care and attention are given to every single student. In VSI playgroup wing which best plays school in Jaipur has a large number of toys and teaching-learning Material (TLM)  For a joyful learning experience of your child.

Junior Wing

Next academic is a junior wing that consists of grade 1 to grade 8 classes. The curriculum of this wing is specially designed to keep in mind primary grade.

In this wing five years up to thirteen years old kids admitted. To develop mentally, physically and psychologically school organized various activities throughout the year.

VSI best primary school in Jaipur system is designed in a way that students have a firm hold of knowledge to stand out and apply their learning to the world around them.

Junior wings program purpose is to sharpen and strengthen the skills that they instil in playgroup wing.

 VSI primary school sharpens the knowledge of mathematics, general science, social science and languages.

Senior Wing

VSI the best high school in Jaipur senior wing has classes from IX up to XII. The age group of this group is fourteen years old up to eighteen years old.

The Senior Secondary level of Education wildly differs from the playgroup and primary levels.

The role of senior secondary school in a child’s life is multidimensional. Senior Secondary education is a very important step in the entire educational life of a child.

That’s why VSI school educate them to their full potential and thus giving them education, confidence and opportunities.

At secondary classes, students learn a variety of subjects, including all three science subjects, computer, social studies etc.

While at senior classes VSI allows students to study elective subjects, chosen by students with individual attention from expert teachers.

VSI senior secondary school has all three stream Viz. Science, Arts, and Commerce.

The senior classes have laboratories, computer labs, smart classrooms, libraries both online and offline.

VSI International school is an excellent place to study with academic excellence.

Why is VSI known for academic excellence?

VSI International senior secondary school is one of the academically recommended schools in Jaipur, as this is only one aspect of what VSI school offers.

VSI best school in Jaipur Rajasthan is committed to developing the person as a whole. That’s why VSI School was awarded as The Emerging School of the year in 2017.

VSI School conducts so many activities to develop their students mentally, physically, and socially. Excellent academics track records and accolades of VSI International school determines the efficiency of the School.

VSI school believes with the confidence that students can do magic with their thoughts and ideas. VSI school teachers act as a facilitator to nurture the latent potential in each student.

Students get a learning experience in science and mathematics laboratories. Advance smart classrooms help them to understand the concept in ease.

VSI school curriculum prepares students not only for the challenges of colleges and competitive exams but for life long learning experience.

Keynote of the Blog

VSI the best school in Jaipur is proud to have a local reputation for excellence in both academics and non-academics. VSI school hard work and dedication pass on to parents and they accredited VSI as the best school in Jaipur.


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