3 Secrets Buyers and Sellers Need To Know About Virtual Tours in Calgary Real Estate

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Sellers are trying to reach potential buyers who may be looking for a place in which they can call their own. 

Virtual tours in Calgary real estate, on the other hand, give homes exposure in real estate without having strangers walk through them and potentially damage any property values or resell prices with an eye-catching visual. 

It is the time for sale again later down the line, only after some more permanent residents have already found it first.

In this article, we’ll reveal five essential secrets behind the virtual real estate scene. Find your perfect home through this informative article.

It’s A Secret

Virtual home tours are the new thing, but that doesn’t mean they should be your only option for purchasing or selling a house. We’ll reveal five important secrets behind virtual real estate and how it impacts today’s homeowners:

In response to the pandemic, we’ve created innovative new ways to show homes while keeping our clients safe. 

The use of 360° photos in virtual tours is an innovative way to experience homes that allow viewers to move around and take a look at every angle. 

Stitching the images together with software, these 3D models provide you with what looks like walking into someone’s dollhouse. 

Sometimes agents will also add Virtual Staging, which decorates rooms using digital furniture or accents such as wallpaper or paint colours for more detail on each space.

  • Virtual Does Not Mean Impersonal

Virtual tours are the best way to showcase your property’s details and secure a personal connection with clients. Virtual tour providers can create custom-designed experiences that suit any type of client, no matter their preference or budget.

Virtual tours are great for buyers because they let you see the home before committing. 

Live video walkthroughs with your real estate agent will give you insights into those crucial non-visual aspects. Such as creaky floors and cell phone reception to make sure that this is where YOU want to live.

A virtual tour can be an effective way to market your home, attracting more buyers and helping you get the best offer. 

The opportunity for face-to-face interaction is still there with this online tool that provides up-close views into every room of one’s house without actually being present in person.

  • Virtual Is The First Step To Home Sales

Sellers can safely host fewer in-person showings and open houses while buyers are protected from anyone who previously visited the property. Virtual tours also keep agents safer since they are hosting fewer live viewings with no risk of exposure.

Listing agents and sellers should work together to ensure all parties feel safe when conducting tours. 

Some recommendations include requiring interested buyers to present a pre-qualification letter, only allowing appointments with essential personnel for the buyer’s convenience or in consultation of COVID-19 symptoms.

The process of showing a home should be both informative and comfortable for all parties involved. 

Listing agents and sellers need to work together on how the buyer will enter your property without unsettling them or their family members who live there already. 

For example, if someone is interested in purchasing but does not have enough information about you yet. Buyers could just schedule an appointment. So as long as no one has any contagious diseases, then everything should go smoothly.

Can You Keep A Secret?

It’s tough nowadays to find the right Calgary real estate listing due to limited access to information and personal visits for potential properties. 

However, you can have a guaranteed offer from one of the best and reliable real estate companies. Everyone does need to adapt to the new digital world, and as time passes by, people keep being innovative. It opens more doors of possibilities. 

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