Unique Birthday Celebration Ideas

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Between the first and 21st birthdays, families end up spending quite a lot of money on their children’s birthdays. Birthdays and special planned ones at that are a big deal for kids. Although living in the UAE, you would find plenty of great Dubai birthday party deals, planning a party can be stressful. Along with that, it can also affect your bank account.

However, you don’t always have to spend too much to have a memorable celebration. Also, it doesn’t always have to be a party. How so? Let’s take a look at these unique birthday celebration ideas:


You don’t necessarily have to head out in the wilderness. If you can, then sure. You could hire an RV for the weekend and head to the local campground. for the weekend. But you can have a little camping trip in your own backyard. A time spent without any gadgets or phones would be interesting. You can play board games, roast marshmallows, cook food over the campfire, and enjoy nature.

Scrounger Hunt 

Set up a forager chase party for the honoree. Highlight something special about them in each sign, with the objective being their genuine birthday celebration. This is fun, dynamic, and reasonable to make.

Breakfast For Dinner Party

Is the birthday kid or young lady a particularly huge aficionado of breakfast? Then, at that point arrange a morning meal for evening gathering. Request that all visitors come wearing PJ’s and highlight a lot of bacon, waffles, and hotcakes.

Eighteenth Birthday Party Ideas For Guys

The birthday fellow is at long last legitimate and you’re prepared to tell the entire world. Set up a gathering fitting for somebody actually like him with these eighteenth birthday celebration thoughts for folks.

Firecracker Party

Did you realize that you can’t accepting firecrackers until you’re 18? Make the new opportunity the focal point of your birthday celebration by including firecrackers. Highlight a lot of other dangerous shadings to convey the subject. In any case, ensure that the firecrackers are lawful at your setting, and that you caution any neighbors who live nearby.

Plan a Sleepover

You can keep the sleepover simple but memorable at the same time. Rather than having a lavish cake and a party with full decorations, all you have to do is get some snacks to munch on. Also, some chips, drinks, and dips will do.

During the sleepover, you can watch a movie, play games or do tons of activities.  Younger kids can go back home if they want. They can stay for the snacks and the movie. Older kids can have a pizza party, watch a movie, and just have fun.

Plan a Spa Day

Even the youngest of ladies can surely indulge in a spa day. Who doesn’t love to get pampered and feel pretty? If you are celebrating the birthday of your daughter, she would love to have a spa day with her girlfriends or the mother even. It would be better to book a day at the spa well in advance. This way, you will not run into an overbooked spa.

In case there are particular rules about minors, make sure that you get information beforehand about bringing a child to the spa. You could even plan a home spa day and give facials, manicures, pedicures to each other, and serve fruity drinks.

Go to the Skating Rink

You must have enjoyed skating as a little kid. But it is something that is fun to do even years later. You can plan a visit to the skating rink. Take your child along with their friends. You could either do roller skating or ice skating. It would be wise to let them know that you are there to celebrate a birthday party. There is a DJ there, they can announce your child’s birthday and play a special song for them.

Ask Your Child for Suggestions

One of the best things that you can do is ask your child what they want to do for their birthday. They might have good ideas for their birthday. Ask them what they want to do this year. You never know they might surprise you with something they have on their mind.

Plan a Visit to an Amusement or Theme Park

Taking your kid to their favorite amusement or theme park could make their day. Dubai is home to numerous amazing parks that can be great fun. And if you want to celebrate a birthday, it could be quite a thrilling experience for them. Moreover, many perks come along with these parks. For example, there are other things that you can enjoy like discount food, discount on parking, and ticket packages as well.

Some parks tend to lessen their hours in the offseason. You can look at the schedule calendar online and then you can find open dates for the time when the schools are off for some special holidays.

Ask a Friend to Tag Along

Contrary to an extravagant birthday party, an informal get-together is always a hit among kids. It could be a small playdate. When you invite selected friends of your child’s to celebrate their birthdays, your child can enjoy more and have a good time with them. They can go out for a movie and then pizza, hit their fav burger joint, hit the arcade, etc.

Going on Day Trip

You could go on a road trip. If there is a place your child has been meaning to see in the neighboring city or you have friends or extended family living there, you could go for a day trip. You can go sightseeing as well and explore the city. Again, ask your child what they want to do and how they want to spend the day. Moreover, there are ways to enjoy field trips while being in the city. One such example is Aventura Parks. They have a wide range of packages for kids – young and old.


Hope this list helps you plan a memorable birthday for your kid!

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