Understanding the Primary Difference Between UX, UI and Web Designers

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Due to a rise in the number of internet users over the past decade, the global market has shifted primarily to virtual platforms. The internet is flooded with a plethora of content and numerous businesses appearing every year. It is important to understand the core elements of UX, UI and web designing in Dubai to keep an edge and stay ahead of competitors.

In simple terms, these three roles are initiated to make the business’s website compact, user-friendly and attractive. Each role has its importance and all of them differ in some way or other. Understanding these fundamental differences can help you make an informed decision when choosing web designers In Dubai.

What is UX and Why is it Important?

UX design considers the Psychological aspects of consumerism. UX is the key to making the website more user-friendly and giving the consumer an enhanced experience. As the name “User Experience” suggests, UX is all about optimizing the business website in a way that is easy to access information.

The experience of the user is of immense importance. An easy to use website captures the attention of potential customers in a way to make them want to do business. The UX designers in every Dubai web design company undertakes several tasks to ensure capturing the client’s attention.

What Does a UX Designer Work On?

A UX designer undertakes two sets of tasks, these include- research strategy and wireframing.

  • Research Strategy- UX research includes understanding the potential customers and ensuring that the stakeholders are working on the common goal. They also work on the Information Architecture to ensure that every bit of relevant information is available to the viewers easily.


  • Wireframing- A suitable user flow is developed based on the needs of the UX designers, which is then converted into a wireframe. This frame acts as the base indicator of how the website will function. This model is tested and refined to satisfaction.

What is UI and How does it Work?

While UX deals with understanding the consumer’s psyche, UI helps to bring the groundwork to life.

User Interface design involves all of the visual elements in the design to evolve a basic interface design into something visually appealing. UI designing takes the basic wireframes and convert them into a more refined and graphic interface. UI is essential to establish a meaningful connection between the services and the customers.

What Does a UI Designer Work On?

Web design in Dubai is spread out with every aspect worked on by a specialist. Similarly, a UI designer has day-to-day tasks that range from product research to optimizing the website.

UI designers have the following tasks to undertake:

  • Product Appeal- After ascertaining the insights and needs of the potential clients, the UI team works on a myriad of tasks. These tasks include visual design that allows easier and more appealing accessibility to the viewers. Furthermore, UI designers are also closely linked to the branding of the product that involves graphic designing.


  • Responsiveness of the Website- It is the job of the UI designer to make sure that the website is responsive and the interface is smooth to work on. Moreover, designers use interactive and appealing tools such as animations to make the business look more attractive. Finally, a UI designer creates a prototype interface that allows them to test the efficiency of the website.

How do UI and UX Differ?

UX and UI co-exist and are interrelated to each other. Web designers in Dubai consist of UX and UI designers. They have fundamental differences that make their work distinctive from each other. Some of the core differences in the workings of a UX and UI designer are as follows:

  • Work Sequence

UX is the foundation and comes first in the sequence of work. UX builds the roadmap of web design in Dubai and the requirements to build a stellar website that will attract people. Once the psychological aspects are understood, UI follows.

UI focuses on giving shape to the needs and wireframes provided by the UX designers.

  • Focus and Scope

UX is closely related to the consumer end of the process. Designers specializing in User Experience research and create wireframes to enhance the overall experience.

UI designers primarily work on creating an easy to access website that will attract the attention of the user. These designers also work closely for the branding of the products and services.

Understanding Web Designing and its Importance

Designs including layouts and aesthetics that are displayed on the internet are referred to as web design. Web designing in Dubai takes heavy inspiration from the UX department to create web pages that are proven to be appealing to users.

A web designer takes into consideration everything from appearances, layouts and the content of the website. Appearance includes colour schemes and images. Furthermore, layouts include how the relevant information is structured on the website. The sign of a great web design is its ability to convey information effortlessly.

The Difference Between Web Designing and UX/UI Designing

Web designing is closely related to both UX and UI in terms of the scope of work. However, they differ on certain levels, these are:

  • Skill Set Required

A skilful web designer should possess an in-depth understanding of computer languages such as CSS and HTML and scripting languages such as PHP and JavaScript. Furthermore, having knowledge of web designing packages is also important in web designing.

On the other hand, UX requires fluent communication skills, rapid prototyping and other useful soft skills. UI designers require a decent knowledge of front end development and required coding abilities.

  • Scope and Target

Modern web designers are experts in graphic designing and are further trained in relevant skills such as colour theory, icon development, typography, etc.

UX designers primarily work on understanding the consumer’s psychology through surveys and collaborating with the UI team to create a user-friendly model.


Web designing, UX and UI designing are closely knit concepts that form the basis of every Dubai web design company. Understanding these concepts are fairly important for start-ups and individual influences as well. A well-balanced website can help your brand to grow exponentially in 2022 and beyond.


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