Uber Interview Experience for SDE 1 (2022)

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Are you aspiring to be a Software development Engineer at Uber? 

Take a look at this article, where I have shared my own experience at Uber interviews. I have also mentioned some tips and interview structures that will prove helpful in your uber interview experience.

From this experience I learnt an important thing. While appearing for interviews in a technical field like SDE, it is important to work on all aspects, from technical knowledge to time management and interpersonal skills. In this article, I will present both of these aspects through my experience at the interview.

In this article, I will be sharing my experience with reference the following points:

  • Structure of the interview.

  • Tips for answering technical questions. 

  • Interpersonal skills are required in the Interview with the HR department.


Structure of the interview

My uber interview experience started with an online application through the official website. I was then asked to appear for an online test. The interview consisted of 1 online test, after which there were 3 interview rounds.

  • Online test: There were 3 questions and I had a time limit of 45 minutes. My basics and preparations helped me perform efficiently. Since my score fit the selection criteria, I was called for the next round. 

  • Interview round 1: This round also had a time limit of 45 minutes. There were various questions asked based on the basics of coding and some practical questions were there as well. 

  • Interview round 2: In this round there were some more questions related to coding concepts in a discussion format which was followed by performing the discussed code. 

  • Interview round 3: This was a HR techno interview round. The HR executives asked a number of questions based on my personality, and other interpersonal skills. There were also some technical questions. 

This was the basic structure of the interview rounds that I appeared for. Now for your better understanding, I will share some tips based on my experience and what I observed about the other candidates.

Tips for answering technical questions

Answering technical questions is a big part of these interviews. In my interviews, there were questions that required explanations, and some required performing the codes. These steps are very basic and useful in all interviews, even if it is a difficult set like Tata elxsi interview questions. 

Following are some tips that will be helpful in answering these questions: 


  • Basics:

Keep your basics very clear. The main thing that I observed about the interview process was that the interviewers were interested in assessing our logical thinking. If you are able to relate concepts and answer questions logically, you will have a better chance of being selected. Practice your codes. Try mock interviews and time each attempt of yours. This will help you improve your speed and also help improve logical thinking. I tried mock tests and interviews and they were very helpful. I also regularly updated my notes and started preparing early.


  • Concepts:

Your DSA concepts and everything else should be crystal clear before you start preparing for the interview itself. My interview had a lot of technical and logically challenging questions. I realized that if I did not have a strong understanding of the basics, it would have been very difficult to prepare for the interview since I would have to revisit everything from the beginning. If you want to save these efforts like I did, write and keep updating your notes. Conscious efforts will help you keep track of everything that you have learned and help you recall and relate them. 


  • Extra effort:

I applied for internships and also worked on a project. That helped me alot since I got practical experience of working in the industry. So that will be my advice. Put a bit of extra effort into your resume. Go for additional courses. This helps you be better equipped for any trick questions. Also, work on different projects. This will give you a practical understanding of what is to be done if something goes wrong. It will help in quicker identification and hence will reduce the time taken to do so. 


Interpersonal skills are required in the Interview with the HR department

Along with the technical skills and knowledge, it is important to be confident and influential in these interviews. From my experience of interviewing with the HR, I can tell you that they assess candidates based on their personality and abilities to tackle stressful situations. It is important to create a good impression on them. Hence, these are tips based on the types of questions I was asked. 

Here are some important skills that will help you create a good impression:

  • Communication:

Even if you are great with your technical skills and have a clear understanding of your concepts, you need to be great at communication. I was a little bit nervous but my interviewers made it easy for me to answer and calm down. Being able to express your opinion and explain your answers perfectly is necessary. To improve your communication skills, try practicing your answers and explanations with your friends. If not, then try speaking out loud in your room. I practiced with a mentor of mine who had the experience. These practices are extremely helpful. 


  • Self-confidence:

While answering personal questions related to personality or situational questions, I was also asked about my strengths and shortcomings. My advice from this experience will be this. Be aware of what you are capable of and your shortcomings as well. It is important to introspect and rectify issues in your personality and communication. I also talked about my weaknesses since no one really has zero issues. It is better to be honest and real. Even though this might seem less important than answering correctly or performing the code correctly, it is very important as it talks a lot about how you are as a person. 


  • Confidence: 

The way your answers are presented in the interview has a lot of effect on the process. In order to be able to answer confidently, you first need to be confident about your concepts. My answers were mostly on point but I realized that I went with the flow and may have lost track for a minute. But I quickly got back on track after I noticed the reactions. I learnt that if you have the confidence to put your knowledge in an engaging but crisp language, you will have great chances of being selected. 


  • Attentive listening:

The most efficient way to answer a question is to listen to it carefully. I noticed that some people did not listen to the question and started thinking of the answer too early. Do not do that. They missed an important part of the question and could not answer correctly. No matter how difficult or easy the questions might be, it is important to listen to the instructions given by the interviewer attentively. Understand the question, contemplate the possibilities, and then answer the question. Remember that answering accurately is more important. 


  • Observant explanation:

While explaining your answers, observe the interviewers. I tried to understand from their looks and body language if my point was clear. However, do not suddenly change the trajectory of your answer if you find something unsettling in their reaction. Instead, try phrasing your conclusion in a way that all your previous points are also cleared. Do not lose confidence or change approaches abruptly. I saw some candidates change their paths completely in order to sound relevant or factually impressive. That does not work if you started on a different note and are going on with something irrelevant. 


  • Do not lose track:

Stick to the point and make your explanations crisp. As I said, I lost track for a minute and I could see it in the room’s response. Do not lose track of your answers. This will avoid taking a lot of time for the interviewers. It will also help you project a good image and prove that you respect their time. 



These were a few tips from my experience at the Uber interviews to enhance and help you in your uber interview experience. Make sure that you follow these basic steps along with the other professional requirements and you also will be able to crack any other interviews and answer questions from any set like tata elxsi interview questions. 


I hope you found these tips helpful and interesting. I also hope you crack the next interview and get your dream job!

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