Types of Communication in Marketing

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Communication in marketing is the way a brand gets across its message to consumers in a unique method that conveys both the functionality and personality of their company. This type of communication can be verbal, non-verbal, direct or indirect. There are plenty of different ways in which a brand communicates. Here are some of the most common ones:



Advertising includes any non-personal form of communication by an identified sponsor and it is one of the most popular marketing communication methods. The four basic objectives of advertising include informing, persuading, differentiating and reminding your audience. The best way to get a message through with advertising is by repetition of that message so as to work it into the conscious thought of consumers.


Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a form of advertising but one that takes place only through online mediums especially through websites, emails and social media. While people may skip meals, few skip the opportunity to answer a call/text or scroll through social media. 

This makes digital marketing a highly effective method of marketing communication as it offers ease of access and adaptability where content can evolve or be edited in accordance with the times. It’s also cost-effective and time-effective as the interest is a great way to document, reuse or up-cycle content for the future.  


Public Relations 

This is a form of marketing communication that involves a third party. The difference in approach between public relations and advertising is that public relation promotes a product in a less aggressive and direct way. The role of public relations is to effectively communicate messages to a diverse audience through a trusted and reliable source.


Sales Promotion

This is a form of marketing communication that is preferred by smaller businesses because really, what attracts more of a crowd than reading,”50% OFF”? Sale promotions can be done topically or at any given point of the year and it’s a great way of experientially communicating what your brand has in store for customers. 



Have you ever heard the saying, “money breeds money”? In the same way, fame breeds fame. The coverage of your product on any media platform is what is known as publicity and the bit of fame or network that enables your product to get featured is the same fame that can compound through publicity. However, since you can’t control what is said in the media about your brand or product, it doesn’t ensure that the message of your product is being conveyed in the right way.


Personal Selling 

 This is a one-on-one form of communication where potential clients are directly approached and engaged in conversation, presentations, pitches, etc. It is also the slowest and most expensive form of marketing communication as salespersons require a high commission for every unit that is sold and even with a vast team of salespersons, how much ground can really be covered?


Direct Marketing

This is a unique form of marketing communication where the target audience is reached out to in the form of coupons, letters, etc. This is useful for brands whose business is largely dependent on re-purchase and whose marketing strategy is mainly centred around promotional codes and discounts.


These are only a few of the various approaches to marketing communication that exist but no matter how it’s divided, the main function of marketing is to bring the attention of users onto a particular brand or product so that awareness and information about the brand are brought about. Communication, on the other hand, is defined as an exchange of information through various sources and resources. So marketing and communication go hand-in-hand when it comes to branding where one cannot exist without the other. 


In the words of Doug Kessler, “Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.” 



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