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Topmost Famous Beaches Of US

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What could be a better place than beaches for a vacation? Just lying by the side of the calm waves, sipping some of the best local drinks, kids running around and making sandcastles, and soaking up some sun. Along with everything, you can also enjoy kiting, scuba diving, surfing, swimming, and other fun water activities. There are no better beaches in the world than in the US. Some of the beaches even let you bring along your pets to the beaches. Can you ask for anything else? So what are you waiting for? Visit American Airlines Español and make your reservations at the best prices and facilities.

Well, we have listed some of the best beaches in the US and why you must visit them if you want a calm, relaxed weekend after a tiring long week.

  1. Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach is one of the most visited beaches in the US. The beach is so popular amongst the locals and tourists because you can have the most fun here. The beach has so much to offer, from scuba diving, volleyball, swimming, surfing to jet-skiing. Miami Beach has it all. The beach is surrounded by Lumus park, where you will find celebrities and locals exercising and doing yoga. You can also grab one bite in the nearby restaurants and cafes, which serve the most refreshing snacks you might need after playing watersports.

2.                   Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

Hawaii is all about braces. There are many beaches in Hawaii, but Lanikai Beach tops the list. Thai beach is always crowded and has many restaurants and vendors sending delicious snacks for you. The beach is known for being the best beach with swimming in entire Hawaii and has been named the most beautiful beach of Oahu. The golden sand spread all along the deep blue seas; the beach is the perfect location for clicking Instagram-worthy snapshots. This is one of the best beaches to bring your kids since there are no waves on the beach and the water is usually calm.

3.                   St. Petersburg, Florida

If all you want is to soak up some sun and relax, this beach is the best. It even has a Genuine World Record under its name for having the most consecutive days of sunlight and hence has been named “the Sunshine City.” you can enjoy fun activities like kayaking, surfing, and camping by the beach. The beach is at its best at night. You see people camp firing, dancing, enjoying dinner at the many restaurants present on the beach ad having a few drinks in the beer pubs. St. Petersburg is like Goa for Indians. The runaway beach of all times.

4.                   La Jolla Cove, San Diego, California

The first name that pops up in our mind when we talk about the best braces of California is La Jolla Cova beach of San Diego. The beach is about learning new water activities such as kayaking, surfing, and even scuba diving. La Jolla Cove is also surrounded by green, beautiful, and well-maintained parks where you will find people having picnics with their families. At the beach, you can also grab quick bites at Caroline’s Seaside Cafe or Galaxy Taco. The beach also has free parking space if you come in your vehicle, and if you do not find a spot, you can always park your car in the neighborhood, which is very safe.

5.                   Cannon Beach, Oregon

Oregon itself is so beautiful, and its beaches just add on it. Sitting beside the water and having a great view of the Haystack Rock is so mesmerizing that you won’t want to return home. During low tides, people can climb up the rock or just have some fun within the water, exploring various water creatures. Along with that, there are great food stops at the beach, such as V serving some of the best Irish food you might have ever tasted. You ad your kids can play games or run by the beach as the sun starts to set, and you can have a romantic yet calm time with water crashing in your ears and sparkling in your eyes.

6.                   Wailea Beach, Hawaii

Wailea beach is the dream beach of the people planning to spend a calm weekend by the side of sparkling water and silky soft sand. The beach has been voted the best beach of Maui, and this led to a great crowd. So if you are planning to visit Waileas Beach, be prepared to enter thousands of people around you. There are also some amazing fine dining restaurants across the beach, such as The Four Seasons Resort at Wailea Beach. However, you might even encounter some of the quieter parts of the beach away from the crowd.

7.                   Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida

Fort Lauderdale Beach is just like the Miami beach of Florida. The beach is spread along a wide coastline but is not mostly crowded with tourists like the Miami beach. Here, you get to surf, swim, rollerblade, and scuba dive. If you need, you can also tag along with the experts always present on the beach. The night here at Fort Lauderdale Beach is also filled with entertainment, parties, and lots of fun. You also visit the Fort Lauderdale Beach park if you want to have a small picnic with your family.

8.                   Del Mar City Beach, Del Mar, California

Del Mar City Beach is one of the few beaches that are family as well as pet-friendly. So while visiting here, you don’t have to leave your four-legged friend at home. Leave your pet on the north side of the bach without a lease, and it will be all right. You will also find restrooms and shower rooms near the lifeguard tower on the beach for you to get dressed up after taking a dip in the water.

Beach vacations are the best type of vacation. The sound of the water splashing up against the rocks, the sun showering on your face, and people have fun with their families will leave you with a very soothing feeling and make you forget about the outer world. So, don’t wait and visit American Airlines Español and create some good memories with your family.

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