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Top Tips For Successful Baking That Would Hardly Allow You To Go Wrong

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It can be truly disappointing to have an unending love for food, but not having the ability to cook a tasty meal all by yourself but being a bad cook cannot stop you from enjoying the taste of mouth-watering delights such as crispy chips, fried seafood, or tasty desserts. For those of you who love to start their day with something sweet the options of Online cake delivery can do wonders, but there is something more tempting than a ready-made cake and that is a sweet dessert made by you. If you’re someone who gets scared of the very thought of entering the kitchen and establishing acquaintance with the kitchen tools, or ingredients. You must stop worrying about running away from the kitchen or resorting to cooking instant noodles as a meal that saves you from midnight hunger. We have come up with a list of recipes that help you to prepare tasty desserts at home. That too without worrying about the baking procedure. Look at the recipes mentioned below and try the easiest one out at the beginning.

Peanut butter bar

Peanuts can be a healthy companion along with chocolates. You can make a sweet bar using peanut butter and that shall surely give a respite to your cravings for sweets. All that you have to do is to pour some milk powdered sugar and few spoons of peanut butter in a bowl and mix it well until it forms a well-blended paste  Now add some pieces of chocolates, or chocolate powder, and mix the batter well, and spread it in a tray, or a plate and keep it in the fridge so that the mixture turns hard. In this way, you can enjoy the taste of peanut butter in a sweet chocolate bar. 

Ice cream with a twist

 Who said that ice creams can only be eaten in the traditional ways that they are available? You shall not confine yourself to the cones, bricks, or sticks of ice creams that are available in the market. You can pair up your favorite ice cream with certain flavoring and turn it into an entirely new dessert. All that you have to do is do get a scoop of your favorite ice cream, and get it accompanied with slices of your favorite fruits such as cherries, strawberries, kiwi, etc. The major character of this recipe is a sweet-flavored sauce that can easily be fetched from the market. It can be any flavor whether blueberries, raspberries, or peaches. 

The pressure cooker cake

The internet is flooded with online cake recipes that do not make use of ovens. These recipes instruct people to use a pressure cooker, or a heavy-based pan to make a cake. Steps remain the same. You will pour all the ingredients of the cake into a bowl. Beat them thoroughly to ensure that they are beaten up well and pour them into a container that can be placed inside the cooker. The pan must be well greased and preheated before placing the cake batter. Now cover the cooker and let it cook over low flame for an hour or so. The aroma of the cake will indicate that it has been cooked. 

Tasty choco oreo balls

Another very easy recipe for a tasty dessert is that of the choco oreo balls. As evident from the name, this recipe makes use of the popular oreo biscuits. To begin with, you shall thoroughly crush the oreo cookies in a grinder. Then transfer it into a bowl of cream cheese and mix them well. This part actually requires you to knead the oreo powder and cream cheese in a dough. Now make small balls out of the dough and dip them in melted chocolate and freeze them in the refrigerator so that they become slightly hardened. You can also roll them in choco chips right after dipping them in the melted chocolate. 

These were some of the basic recipes that are easy to try. You can add certain special ingredients to make it more tasty. You may also use these recipes as a substitute for Birthday cakes in order to have a unique celebration

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