Top Safety Precautions to Follow for Using Suspended Scaffolding

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Suspended scaffolding, used by workers for construction purposes or for cleaning up hotel windows for high-rise buildings, is among the scaffolds used most widely. Suspended scaffolds are defined by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Organization) as adjustable two-point suspension scaffolds that are hung with the help of cables or ropes attached to stirrups at every platform end. Know about the top safety platforms precautions to follow for using this kind of scaffolding.

Training the workers

Safety protocol deployment happens to be a part of the fix for safety on suspended scaffolding, unless there are trained and competent workers. Workers must be given the knowledge of the workplace hazards, particularly for working at great heights, including safety on scaffolds. The term “Competent Person” refers to personnel who are trained highly to execute inspections during everyday activities, for determining health risks and possible safety risks. safety lock must be there.

Suspended scaffolding anchoring

The scaffold should be secured to a fixed and safe structure. The structure must be able to bear the load of both the workers and the scaffold. Due to these reasons, the tiebacks should not be anchored to standpipes, electrical conduits, vents and various other piping systems. The tiebacks need to have strength that equals those of hoisting ropes and suspension ropes.

Fall Protection

For suspended scaffold safety, qualified personnel need to inspect the platform to confirm the structural integrity prior to allowing it for use. Platforms over adjustable two-point suspension scaffolds should be built less than 36 inches wide.

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