Top Housewarming Plants as Gifts

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Although it isn’t, you have finally made it. I mean building or buying a house. That is why it deserves a celebration to mark the end of paying rent year in year out. Housewarming parties are fun because you have found a home that you have been working hard to buy or build. It is now present to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You can send lovely plants to a friend or a colleague who has just acquired a new house to show that you are really happy about the accomplishment. 

When you have just bought or moved to a new house, the feeling is just out of this world that it demands a celebration. The capacity to create the perfect aura of freshness within a new home is ideal, especially if you have guests for the housewarming occasion. If you want to make the occasion outstanding, plants and flowers are the best gifts. But which housewarming plants make the best gifts to send to someone who has just moved to a new house? Below we have noted down some of the best plants that you can send. 

If you want to get the best experience when buying Cyprus flowers or housewarming plants, the place to order is online flower deliveries. Online flower and gifts deliveries offer a wide range of plants and flowers to dress, decorate, or send as gifts. If you find it hard to find that particular housewarming plant at your local florist store, online flower deliveries will never let you down. Here are some top housewarming plants that you can find on flower delivery companies such as 

Peace Lily Plant 

From its name, you can tell that this lovely plant is bound to bring an aura of freshness and calmness. Ordering and sending these plants as housewarming gifts show the recipient that you are proud and happy for the accomplishment. This plant has a myriad of bright foliage, and you are going to love it for its beautiful delicate white Cyprus flowers. What makes it a great housewarming plant is its known property of purifying the air. The biggest promise your friend must make is to transplant them when they are older than your home, but these plants are easy to care for in daily life. They often require water (but not too much), high humidity, and gloss. This wonderful plant is easily found at and can be delivered on the same day if you want.

Snake Plant

With minimal water needed to maintain the snake plant, it is a perfect plant to send at a housewarming party. It is a non-fussy plant that is famous for its sharp leaves that look unusual. They are beautiful plants to liven up space. It’s good to stay alone for a few weeks. As long as the plant is not soaked in water, it will survive in any home and look beautiful. The classic variety is tiger tail orchid, elegant forest green leaves, and light-colored stripes. They are also recognized as mother-in-law’s tongue and also have air-purifying properties. Tell your recipient just how happy you are for them by sending these wonderful décor plants.

Bonsai Plant

You can’t believe the fascination that these unique plants have in a room. The art of producing these small trees is just outstanding. You can’t go wrong when you decide to send these plants as housewarming gifts. They are planted in containers which make them look so cute. These unique trees signify love and peace. Its stem looks like a tree trunk with a detailed bark finish. Get this housewarming gift to your long-term friend who has just bought a new house, and the gesture will go a long way. 

Jade Plant

These succulent plants produce small pink and white Cyprus flowers in the spring season only. With their low maintenance, they make superb housewarming plants. Plus, they are also very tough with thick, lush leaves. They are true survivors and can live long without much maintenance. They rarely need watering, so it is good for them to ignore them. It is not necessary to fertilize this plant, but it is good to spray the leaves from time to time if it is not necessary. The leaves have different shades of green with spectacular textures, unlike any other leaves you have seen. This is the go-to plant when you want to make a housewarming plant unique and lovely. 

Money Plant

Many people believe about the money plant because it wards off negative energy while attracting wealth at the same time. It is also generally known As the devil’s ivy because it is quite difficult to kill this plant. Even when left in the darkest room with no light, it will still grow. It also adds great charm to a house with its heart-shaped leaves.

Lucky Bamboo

Since the lucky bamboo conveys prosperity and long healthy life, it is the perfect plant to send to someone who has just built or purchased a new house. This plant doesn’t need direct sunlight, and it requires less attention. It will grow in any soil or water. The downside of the lucky bamboo is that it has a toxic solution that is bad for any particular flow.

Aglaonema Lipstick Plant 

Warm the new house and make it alive with this wonderful-looking plant called the lipstick plant. With its bright-colored foliage, it will make the mood of the room look warm and welcoming. It is also an air-purifying plant, Making it the perfect housewarming gift. It is best kept apart from direct sunlight, and it can stay for weeks without water. Aglaonema can grow up to two feet, and anyone will love it as a housewarming gift. 


It is good to appreciate what others have accomplished in life, whether it’s a friend or a colleague. The building or buying a new house is one of those accomplishments; therefore, send any of these housewarming plants as gifts, and the gesture will further strengthen your relationship.

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