Some Top Healthy Frugal Grocery Shopping Suggestions

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As a woman and mother on a tight budget for the last ten years, I’ve learned a thing or two about cutting costs on my family’s monthly food budget. Let’s face it; when all of the payments are due and something has to go, the food budget is the simplest to slash.

Healthy Frugal Grocery Shopping Ideas

So I’ve produced a top ten list of my favorite grocery-saving tactics while still eating healthily.

1. Never Ever Go Shopping Hungry!

Going to the grocery store on an empty stomach is a recipe for financial and nutritional disaster! When you’re hungry, you’re more prone to seek those fast and easily processed snack items that we all know aren’t nutritious or inexpensive. So, before you go to the grocery store, grab a short, nutritious snack. It will save you money as well as calories.

2. ALWAYS Make A Weekly Food Plan!

Having a weekly meal plan reduces the likelihood of ordering in or going to the local drive-through for your family’s supper. You can spend less money and create healthier home-cooked meals for your family. It is possible if you take a few minutes before making your grocery list to plan out what’s for supper each day of the week.

3. Make A To-Do List!!

I can’t emphasize this enough! Now that you’ve planned your meals, check through your fridge, freezer, cabinets, and pantry to see which items you already have and which ones you’ll need to buy. Include essentials such as milk, bread, eggs, and everything else your family consumes on a daily basis. It may seem redundant to include items you purchase on a weekly basis to the list. But you never know what you could neglect adding to your cart if you’re preoccupied or in a rush. Making a list helps ensure that you have all of the foods you need for the week on hand. Saving you time and money by preventing last-minute runs to the shop for forgotten products.

4. Stick To Your To-Do List!

STICK TO YOUR LIST NOW THAT YOU’VE MADE IT! You can escape the dreaded impulse purchases that lurk at the end of every aisle and surround you at the checkout lines if you write a comprehensive list and only buy what’s on it.

5. Go Shopping By Yourself!

We all adore our children and spouses, but let’s face it; they sometimes cause havoc on our grocery shopping excursions. They have a way of convincing us to buy unhealthy and pricey goods, boosting our total at the register and our girth at home. Not to mention that they might be distracting, leading us to forget products and preventing us from price comparison shopping. So, if at all feasible, leave the family at home and shop without worry.

6. Shop The Store’s Perimeter!

Grocery shops are all pretty much the same layout. The majority of the store’s fresh, nutritious, natural, unprocessed, lower-cost food is located on the store’s outside walls. Such as the departments of produce, meat, fish, bread, and dairy. While all of the processed, unhealthy, and expensive items are located on the inner isles. As a general rule, it will save you money and offer healthier goods for you and your family.

7. Before Grasping Your Thing, Look Above And Down!

The most expensive version of a product in display boxes is usually displayed at eye level in most businesses. With the hope that we all have blinders on and will grasp it because we are the first to notice it. However, if you take a brief check above and below your item when you discover it, you’ll most likely find a cheaper alternative that tastes just as good.

8. Buy A Generic!

I know this isn’t going to be a popular choice! However, generic or store brand versions of your favorite meals often contain the same components as their more expensive equivalents and taste the same or extremely similar. Really, give them a go! The worst that may happen is that you discover you don’t like the generic and can purchase your old favorite brand the next week. BUT, you could discover that you prefer the generic just as much as the national brand, and you can start saving money on those goods every week!

9. Discounts!

I believe it is also reasonable to state that we will not be dumpster diving for your neighbor’s wasted coupons in order to save money. However, if you spend a few minutes before leaving the house to go through your newspaper coupon inserts, you can discover a few coupons for products already on your list. Saving a dollar saves money in your pocket, and those dollars may pile up over time.

10. Make Use Of Cash!

Swiping our credit or debit card through the machine is MUCH easier than handing over our cash at the checkout queue. Calculate how much money you’ll need to pay for the goods on your list. It is ideal for leaving a SMALL margin for error. It will prevent the humiliating moment when we find we don’t have enough money to pay for our purchases. Paying with cash prevents a product in a display box is ideal since we simply do not have the funds to pay for them. Paying using paper also makes us more conscious of how much money we spend each week. It makes us less prone to overspending.

One last piece of advice is to buy at your local inexpensive food store, such as Aldi. This suggestion did not make my top 10 since not everyone has access to a business like this in their neighborhood. However, you can’t normally use coupons for all the goods. Most of the things, they offer are their own store brand, you can still save a lot of money because their prices are far cheaper than those of the large box retailers. They load their shelves with the essentials. Although you may not find everything on your list, your fundamentals are there, and they’re inexpensive! So, check them out; you could discover that you can trim precious dollars and cents off your weekly food budget on the items you need.

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