Top 7 Reasons Why Companies are Switching to Fiber Optics

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With the advent of technology, everything has changed. The 21st century has seen the pinnacle of technology and with the digital age, state-of-the-art networks are transforming the world into a global village.

Because of the increasing use of technology and our enhancing dependency on it, you can no longer ignore the cascading impact of the internet. Due to this reason, a vast majority of organisations are switching to optic fibers across the globe. Even the Cat 6 cable distributor in UAE has seen a huge demand surge as more and more businesses are shifting to optic fibers within the UAE.

On this note, today, we’re going to shed some light on the main reasons why businesses are switching to optic fiber. 

Let’s take a look at them!

Phenomenal Speed

One of the main reasons why companies are switching to optic fiber is because of the super-fast speed they offer. Every year almost one week worth of production time is lost because of slow internet. The time we spend waiting for webpages to load, software to download, servers to refresh etc., can all be saved if businesses switch to a faster networking cable such as optic fiber. 

The internet speed is better on fiber optic even the shared networks working speed is a lot faster on fiber cables compared to DSL or cable internet.

A Safer & Securer Option

Another important factor that makes optic fibers superior to other cables is that they are far more secure. These cables cannot be interfered with or tampered with, and they’re far more secure than other networking cables. Even if someone tries to cut it, the whole network will go down instantly, alerting the ISP.

Similarly, as the internet speed rarely fluctuates through fiber optics, any sudden fluctuation will definitely alert the system.

No More Connection Issues

Unlike other networking cables, fiber optic connections don’t lag or depict signs of delay when establishing connections. Moreover, with the troubleshooting process, it is pretty easy to pinpoint issues in these cables.

Additionally, the data is more reliably transmitted through optic fiber cables as it doesn’t whither or diminish signal strengths over long distances. This had been a significant issue with other networking cables and finally, optic fiber has resolved it.     

Quicker Speeds and More Bandwidth 

Copper wiring was initially made considering just voice correspondence. As a result of its unique proposed use, its transfer speed contributions are restricted and it will battle to stay aware of the requests that all your different requirements are putting on it. 

Since it’s an innovation intended for multi-media utilize fiber optic links increment your transfer speed potential at rates that were beforehand uncommon in the business. 

You’ll likewise see a speed up when you change to fiber, and that can have a colossal effect for both your organization and as a rule your clients 

Unwavering quality 

Outrageous climate is by all accounts wherever nowadays and that can prompt exorbitant blackouts. Fiber optic cabling is protected from outrageous climate conditions since power isn’t really being sent through the wiring. 

At the point when you pick fiber optics, you stay unaffected by the components that regularly unfavorably influence the presentation of copper wiring prompting the sort of vacation you truly can’t manage. 


Maybe the most viable benefit of fiber cabling is its size. You presently don’t need to bargain quality for size. The speed of copper wiring is straightforwardly identified with its size. At last this makes a greater expense of assets. 

The size of a fiber link doesn’t affect speed at which it performs. Picking fiber implies utilizing less assets and setting aside more cash without item bargain. The size advantage makes transportation, establishment, and use simpler and more compelling. 


Online protection and security have become regular worries with the steady danger of information breaks and wholesale fraud conceivably only a couple snaps of a programmer’s mouse away. 

Taking advantage of fiber cabling isn’t simply more mind boggling yet more costly than hacking into customary copper or electrical wiring which is a huge hindrance to information penetrates.


Enhanced Cloud Experience

These days for the proper working of your business, cloud storages are imperative even if you use a local server; you need it. Applications such as Google Drive, Microsoft 365, Dropbox etc., all offer cloud connectivity options. 

Whether you’re dealing with a client or want it for your employees, for establishing an interrupted connection with your cloud server, fiber optics work best. Moreover, using SaaS, APIs and other such integrated tools is much easier with these cables.

Reduction in Latency

Latency is the waiting time you spend after giving a complete data transfer instruction before the transferring starts. When you have a more reliable networking cable such as fiber optics, you can rest assured there won’t be any latency. Even if you have to face it, it will be negligible. 

Therefore, whether you work or play online games, latency is the major issue that most of us face and it can compromise the quality of your experience. However, with fiber optic networks, you’ll get a guaranteed fast download and upload speeds. This will further ensure that you won’t face any latency. 

In addition, the assurance that your network can’t be breached will allow you to experience seamless transference. So, if you’re looking for a networking option that will allow you to keep on working without any interruption, then optic fiber is the perfect answer for you.

Cost Efficient

Not only are optic fibers more effective in transmitting data, but they also cost way less than conventional networking cables. This is clearly visible from the packages offered by different ISPs. Moreover, as the number of companies providing fiber optic networking increase, the market has become and now you can get for even way less.    

Even some of the best fiber optic cable suppliers in Abu Dhabi are now offering cheaper options for their clients. Even though the initial costs for getting optical fiber installed are more than other networking cables, their overall expenses are less than others.


In all, investing in quality optic fibers always pays off. Therefore, if you want to ensure that your business is always connected, consider getting optic fibers installed from a reputable company.     


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