Top 7 Carpet-Cleaning Secrets From the Experts

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In the list of many home decor items like laminate, bamboo, tile, vinyl, wood, stone, cork, and many more. Carpets turn out in the list of essential items for every household. Not because they give comfort and spread coziness in the area. But because one carpet can completely change the look of the corner. People prefer to have carpets at every place where they spend most of their time because carpets give a luxurious moment without asking so much for maintaining them. However, this also became everyone’s favorite even when everyone is working from home. We all prefer to work in a comfortable place.

But regular use of the carpets can dull the spark of them sooner or later!  No matter how premium level your carpet would be. For instance, if you are living in Potts Point then Carpet Cleaning experts in Potts Point from their experience of working as a carpet cleaning service provider offer a variety of tips and tricks to keep in mind while using or maintaining carpet on a daily basis. 

1. Try out your Hand in Lint Roller  

Vacuuming your carpet regularly doesn’t look enough? Well! This happens when you have a long-hairs carpet. Even the most functional vacuum cleaner will not be able to clean dirt. The vacuum cleaner will often fail to extract layers of unnecessary dust and pet hairs. Therefore, to get you out from this, experts at Local Carpet Cleaning Potts Point Company recommend a reasonable yet effective solution to keep your carpet clutter-free. Take the help of a Lint Roller! You can address all the hidden dirt and take them out nicely without much stress or hustle.


2. Let’s make the Carpet Stainless

The biggest issue that comes up while taking care of the carpet is while removing stains from the carpets. The stains on the carpet are so stubborn. Hence, over-rubbing and pressuring on them can also damage the fabric and softness of the carpet. Therefore, you must be extra concerned and alert while removing stains caused by food or any liquid. Local Carpet Cleaning experts in Potts Point suggest three easy steps to remove spots from your beloved carpet.

  • Firstly, vacuum the stained area of the carpet. All other dusty elements will come out through vacuuming and you will be able to focus on the stain itself.

  • Secondly, after vacuuming the spotted area, make a mixture of water and vinegar with a ratio of 3:1 and spread this mixture on the spotted area. Leave the liquid mixture for about 5 minutes, so that the mixture can do its work.

  • Lastly, keep a towel on the top of the stained area and iron the place. Through the heat and pressure of iron, the stain will transfer to the towel. Your carpet will now look like a fresh and new one.

3. Baking Soda becomes a Carpet Saviour

You can find numerous detergents and a bunch of machines in the market for cleaning the carpet. These detergents and equipment are so handy and convenient. But if you want to live a healthy life then avoiding these products would be beneficial for you. In Potts Point, according to Carpet Cleaning experts, these detergents contain a lot of chemicals that might affect your health. Therefore, they have come up with a savior recipe to take out the stains from your carpets.

Ingredients for Stain Removal Recipe: Hydrogen Peroxide (¾), White Vinegar (¼ cup), Essential Oil (5 Drops), Dish Soap (2 Tablespoon), Fabric Softener (2 Tablespoon), Hot Water(One gallon)

Mix these elements properly and here comes a great alternative for store-bought chemicals. Using this homemade solution, you will experience satisfactory results.

4. Your Shaving Cream is the next Stain Cleaner

Believe it or not! This is the easiest way to remove all the general stains from your carpets. Carpet Cleaning experts in Potts Point explain, “The use of shaving cream can help you in making your carpet neat and clean.”. Here’s the process of using shaving cream as a stain cleaner by the experts.

  • Start by applying the shaving on the top of the stained area and leave it for half an hour.

  • Once the cream is soaked up, it’s time to blot it up with a dry wet cloth.

  • Wrap up this process by spreading a mixture containing 50% water and 50% vinegar on the stained area.

Woah! Here you have your stainless carpet just by using your regular shaving cream!

 5.     Let’s freeze the Dried Gum

We have all been there! Stepping in on gum and until we track, we bring that mess into our homes and our carpets too. Don’t worry! Our experts from Carpet Cleaning in Potts Point have a freezing trick.

Let’s start. Grab a few ice cubes from the freezer. Put these ice cubes on the gum for about 30 to 45 seconds. Have a watch on the gum. Once, the gum becomes frozen solid – lift it up using a spoon. Carefully cut the carpet strands attached to the gum as close as possible. Remember to cut only a small amount of carpet otherwise the spot will be detectable.

6.     Dishify the Greasy Spills

How hard the greasy spills can be! The trick from experts is to use the right product with the proper technique. Take a cup of warm water and pour some drops of dish soap into it. Gently mix the grease-cutting solution. Now take the solution into a spray bottle and spray it on the stain. Keep a white cloth or towel aside to blot the stain afterward. Carpet Cleaning experts say the process should be repeated multiple times according to the age and size of the stain.  

7.     Iron the Hardened Wax

Often while burning candles, wax gets dripped onto the carpet. The wax hardens up quickly and gets accumulated in the soft fibers. Experts recommend heating the wax back to a semi-liquid state. Take a white cloth and put it over a clothes iron. Switch to a no-steam setting and then set the iron on top of wax to melt it. As soon as the wax melts, scrape it off using a butter knife.




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